Basic information:

Company: Grafton Recruitment s.r.o.

Field: IT & Telecoms

Job Type: Full time

Posted on: 03.04.2018


Negotiable salary



Infrastructure Project Manager - 12 month contract

Job description

For new support center we’re looking for experience IT Infrastructure Project manager who will be focusing on our European technical projects.

We operate in Pharma industry, respectively in Nuclear Medicine and we just set up new global support center here in Prague.

The Project Manager is responsible for definition, management, implementation, and reporting of major initiatives and project across EMEA.

You will ensure that:

  • projects are properly designed,
  • the scope is clear, well documented and approved. Any scope change to follow the dedicated approval process before being taken into account,
  • the project structure (Steering Ctee, Project leadership group, sponsors, key users, …) is well designed, in place and involved adequately,
  • risks are identified properly, reviewed regularly and taken into account,
  • tracking process is in place, and regular reporting done in time,
  • adequate human resources related to special expertise or technical support are secured
  • agreed budget in place

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