Frequently Asked Questions

The TV Tower
Here at the PTV Tower, we are deluged with daily mail and have ralized that there are questions sent in that repeat themselves again and again.

"Are you a TV station?"

"What's with that weird baby?"

"Can I have your autographs?"
  • Is Prague TV a television channel / network?

    No. Prague TV's name was inspired by Prague's famous TV Tower, along with the availability of the domain

  • Why does Prague TV have a big blue baby as its logo?

    The artist David Cerny covered Prague's TV Tower with huge black babies known as the nuclear babies, some of which are still visible today. Prague TV's logo, designed by Doug Kaufman, is a play on these babies.

  • What the hell is that ".tv" about?

    The Pacific Islands nation of Tuvalu, population 10,600, for years had survived by selling stamps, fishing licenses and collecting foreign aid. Now, thanks to an alphabetic quirk, the country makes $50 million a year in royalties from the ability to sell Internet names and electronic mail addresses ending in Tuvalu's country code, ".tv."

    American company .TV Corporation, called DotTV, agreed to pay Tuvalu about three times the country's gross domestic product over the next decade so it can sell electronic mail and Web addresses ending in ".tv" instead of the ubiquitous ".com."

    For more info on Tuvalu read the article, Tuvalu and .tv.

  • Are you the Libyan / Jamaican / Malaysian Embassy?

    No. Prague TV is a website.

    You might be wondering why we have included this in our FAQ. It is an odd fact that people contact us almost daily thinking that we are an Embassy or Consulate, about anything from sourcing squid powder from Korea to Brazilian swimwear manufacturers. Even more strangely, the embassies or consulates involved often don't have anything to do with the Czech Republic at all (for example, we were recently contacted by a resident of Bangladesh who was looking to get in touch with a Jamaican Embassy).

    The only reason we can come up with to explain this is that Prague TV's Embassy Directory ranks fairly highly in Google when searching for things like "palestinian embassy in malaysia". You can see how it might be confusing - what embassy wouldn't be proud to have a huge baby next to a logo saying "Prague" on its website?

  • Can you give me details for the Turkish Embassy in Ghana?

    Unfortunately not. Neither can we give you details for the Afghan Embassy in Geneva, or the Jamaican Embassy in India. Our embassy directory only lists details for foreign embassies and consulates in the Czech Republic.

    We welcome corrections or additions to our list, but if what you're looking for isn't there, we don't have it, sorry. We suggest using Google or similar search engine.

    Note: when using a search engine, not all results are relevant: occasionally a search result might be completely unrelated to what you're looking for. Please see elsewhere in this FAQ for an example.

  • Where can I get one of those Prague TV t-shirts?

    You can order one right here on Prague TV. Use our online order form. (We have various options for delivery and payment.)

  • How do I get my business listed on PTV?

    Easily. Submit your details through our online form. There are 3 levels of listings (even a FREE option), so it's possible to get listed on any budget. You can also send us an email or call us at +420 770 660 550.

  • Are the PTV offices up in the TV Tower?

    Sorry, we cannot answer that question due to security concerns. We are allowed to say, however, that Prague TV does have the best view of the city. Hopefully that helps answer your question.

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