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Line Knutzon

A comedy where a man's worst enemy is a creature with a power drill, beer and a bunch of excuses!

Alice and Manfred set about to renovate their house. Those few months completely wore them out - financially, physically and mentally. Fortunately, everything should be finished within a week.

Why a sudden disappearance of a wall, staircase and one contractor though? And where have the other three go? And who really are these contractors?

Alice is not ready to give up on her dream of a beautiful house at any price and Manfred plays the violin…

Then, let's just hope we'll be happy!

ALICE: Drop it! Why would you die, no one is dying, we're going to be happy, we're going to glow. We're already happy, we just don't know it yet.
MANFRED: Once it's done, I don't want to see a contractor ever again. I hate them, Alice, I hate them so much.
BUILDER: Wait a second! Are you suggesting there's something wrong with me doing my job?
ALICE: No, no, no! We're really glad you're working this late, we jut got a little bit startled...

English subtitles

ALICE: Klára Cibulková
MANFRED: Kamil Halbich
MARKÉTA: Andrea Buršová (originally Petra Hřebíčková)
KAREL: Tomáš Petřík (originally Filip Čapka)
MOTHER: Daniela Bakerová
BUILDERS: Robert Jašków, Miroslav Hruška, Martina Krátká / Pavla Dostálová, Marek Pospíchal, Jaroslav Šmíd, Tomáš Kobr

TRANSLATION: František Fröhlich
DRAMATURGY: Martina Kinská
MUSIC SELECTION: Daniel Hrbek, Martin Hejl
STAGE DESIGN: Petr Masopust
COSTUMES: Katarína Hollá
PRODUCTION: Jana Bergerová
STAGE MANAGER: Blanka Popková

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