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Křižíkova 148/34
Prague 8, 186 00

Way to get there:

Metro: Křižíkova (line B)

Tram: 3, 8, 52 (stop: Křižíkova)


Phone: +420 608 955 150

Phone add.: +420 734 244 581

Mark Fridvalszki: An Out of this World Event III

Exhibition _An Out of This World Event III_ offers an insight into the rave culture of the nineties and the hauntological atmosphere of the “end of history”.

_E is for Escapism. E is also the most common letter. Did you know that? Did you try it? And if not would you like to try it?_

_However this time instead of bending over backward in order to combine dry academic discourse with an ecstatic party atmosphere, we would like to put on a little escapist reenactment for you. Forget about nine-eleven, millennials, Instagram stories, the financial crisis, the Arab spring and Donald Trump. Forget about overwhelming pessimism, climate change and the power-hungry right-wing. Remember what we have been taught in the last decade of the 20th century, drop everything and take to the streets shouting: “Smashing the beasts breaking down the house!”_

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