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Well, here we are again—every bit as cold and wet as you are, but ready to rock and roll! February may be cold and gray, but here at Think Again the mood is upbeat, especially as we’re in on a little secret: the Year of the Pig is about to begin! This is actually an auspicious fact; the Chinese are aware that pigs are actually way cool little dudes, and thus this is considered to be one of the best years in their twelve year cycles. Speaking of secrets, one that is slowly leaking out is the news that the U.S. is pushing to get a missile defense base installed on Czech territory, preferably without any kind of moratorium. The question is—whose idea was this anyway? It certainly wasn’t a grass-roots movement amongst the Czech populace and it’s unlikely to have been the brainchild of any Czech government officials, so in all probability this is an attempt by the U.S. of A’s resident government to strong-arm a much smaller country into doing something completely against its self-interest. What would such a move do for the Czech Republic other than make it a target for any country thinking first-strike thoughts? Not much. There’d probably be a hearty thank you and promises of future considerations from the Bushmeister, but that’s probably not enough to arouse much excitement here. The real pregunta is how is it possible that this idea wasn’t shot down the very first moment it was brought up? Hopefully, as word gets out, the push for a referendum at the very least will grow.

So what to look forward to in this month’s mag? Just the same collection of great reviews of restaurants, films, books, art, and so forth along with advice geared towards turning you into a poker pro, a look at the how the new Czech government’s birth augurs under the Chinese zodiac and other great stuff. Enjoy and have a great Valentine’s Day (no matter how commercial it might be)!

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