Press: Troubadour at the Prague Fringe

There is more to Love than Life. Nobody expressed this eternal truth more eloquently than “the Greatest Mystic Poet of any Age” – Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. Celebrate the extraordinary journey of Love through Life’s varied hues – Joy, Sorrow, Caprice, Irony, Death, Freedom & Laughter. ‘Troubadour’ is a heartfelt tribute to the ‘Tarabdaars’ – those wonderful story tellers of yore, who transcending time and space, revelled in the Ecstasy of the Divine.


Edinburgh Festival 2004

“Salim Ghouse has a charismatic presence that could fill up the Royal Albert Hall. The wisdom and humour in the story telling truly enlivens the heart. It’s a timeless and memorable performance.”

Dublin festival 2005

“Simply brilliant! The stories and poetry from an ancient sage are so skillfully interwoven with powerful use of voice and body that it is one seamless, joyous whole – an absolute tour de force.”

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