Hot Time in the City

A two month summer special...

The summer heat that you’re feeling may at times feel a bit overwhelming, especially since there aren’t any beaches to cool down at, but just remember that it brings with it a whole host of opportunities for good times, and this year is no different. From the usual plethora of small to massive music festivals, book shows, film festivals, live music performances, sports competitions and exhibitions, and so on and on and on. The only real problem is trying to keep track of everything that’s either here or on its way, and one great way of doing so is in your hands right now.

This issue—a two month summer special that marks an exciting run of 40 issues so far—is full of suggestions and possibilities like all the festivals, the Mystic Sk8 Cup, an exciting cliff diving competition you won’t want to miss (and might even want to join), and even looks at clubs the world over you might want to jet out to and enjoy! We’ve also thrown in a free Pocket Prague map to help you locate all the fun. In addition to the special summer activities, we have our usual line-up of movies, shops, poker, restaurants (this month we look at the new Bohemia Bagel that’s just opened), dance venues, trends, personalities, and so on!

It’s a great time to be in Prague, so don’t just sit at home watching television—get out and enjoy yourself! Have fun and see you in two months.

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