Provokator Conspiracy Issue

Conspiracy theories (CT's for short)...

What we'll have for you at is CT's from the regal ramrod of the Catholic Church to the semi-frozen Nazi population at the North Pole (nazi story only online...they're just not as popular as they used to be).

Tune in....or better yet, wrap *tinfoil around your head and tune out.

*we all know tinfoil helps block the beta and gamma rays the aliens are using to read one's thoughts- they're instucting third world governments in the practice...because they can't afford much tinfoil. First world countries are simply tuning into earrings and metallic dental if you didn't already know they're listening through the toilet plumbing.

conspiracy – noun

1. a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act
2. a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)
3. a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose

Conspiracy theory – noun

1. a theory that explains an event as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization; a belief that a particular unexplained event was caused by such a group.
2. the idea that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public.

Since 2001, this decade has been defined by terrorism, bullshit political results, and our favorite conspiracy theories (CTs). Roswell Area 51 and UFOs don’t hold a candle to the idea of governments killing their own. However the idea that there’s a cup beneath the Louvre comes close... we all seek hope. Go to any bar or place of general congregation and you’ll easily be able to slip into a conversation about who was really behind which political coup, assassination, corporate takeover, religious decree etc. Someone will inevitably say, “Yeah, but did you hear about this...?“ Then you’ll get another earful of information that you had no idea existed. Whether the info given actually exists or is true is debatable, as it always will be.

What we’ve gathered here is a collection of some of the myriad CTs that are plaguing the world’s populace today. Why do CTs exist? Do we just not believe in the honesty of the press (or any media) or the government anymore? Damn right we don’t – we barely trust ourselves. They say the proof is in the puddin.’ But the problem one knows who made the pudding. What ingredients were used? How long is it supposed to cook/refrigerate? Who came up with pudding in the first place? And who’s going to eat it? And that’s the perennial debate…

(Editorial note: I hate pudding, there’s always a lump in it you can’t identify.)

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