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Summer's done and gone...

Summer's done and gone and all that's left of 2007 are those steadily colder months of fall and winter. You can either start wearing black while bemoaning the disappearance of those heady, hot days of yore or you can celebrate the arrival of a whole new set of experiences (not to mention temperatures) to enjoy. Here at Think Again, we're going the celebration direction by bringing out a whole new design along with a bunch of exciting changes to lead the way! This September/October edition will look a bit different to the experienced eye, but it still contains all the favorites you've come to expect, including a discussion with David Jahn (who is bringing out a H.R. Giger DVD), fashion issues explored, great book and restaurant reviews, in-depth poker advice, music reviews, festivals to check out, exhibitions that are going on, and a look at the emerging burlesque scene. We hope you'll like the new look and we expect you'll forego the black attire and join the excitement at the world of possibilities this new season is bringing!

Think Again

September/October issue featuring:

Beat Apetit – Archa Theatre – September 27
H.R. Giger Revealed – Archa Theatre – October 1
Obr. – Galerie Louvre – October 3
Designblok 07 – October 2 – 7 – Roxy – Nod – October 5
Islandský průvan – October 3 – 8
Bohemian Like You – Rock Café – October 12
Boom Bang Baby – Rock Café – October 13
Stimul Festival – Archa Theatre – October 6 – 21
Plastique – Radost FX – October 19
Moonlight Mayhem Fest – Vagon – November 2 – 3

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