Tango Seduction

Press release: Tango Seduction from Argentina

„I didn’t believe you can give up your soul in such a perfect way for Argentina through the dance. However, the performance of Gustavo Russo’s group took away all of my doubts. The description that they are great is just too little. Saying that they are proud of their country as well… The magic show on the scene, which you can’t describe by words…. you just need to see it…. “ „Viva“ TelAviv

Already in October a famous dance show - Tango Seducción will visit Poland. This is a great chance to see the Argentine tango masters live in a spectacular show. Thanks to their professional performances they were enthusiastically welcomed in USA, Greece, Brazil, Turkey, France, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Israel and many other countries all over the world. They performed for the most important people of many countries. Their show charmed among others princess Diana, Ronald Reagan or Diego Maradona. By media they are called „Argentinean phenomena“, by critics „pride of their country“. Gustavo Russo was awarded as a national hero for promoting the Argentinean culture. To judge if he really deserves it, we will be able to pretty soon during the performance of Tango Seduccion in Poland. They will take us to the hot country and they will allow us to feel the unusual energy of Argentine tango.

"This is Tango, a song of Buenos Aires, born on the suburbs, famous all over the world."
Manuel Romero

The world famous dancer and choreographer, Gustavo Russo, together with top artists, dancers, musicians and singers of Argentina, will present to the public completely new way of Tango – original and modern dance show. During the feast of music you will see the top quality tango connected with the energizing music and hypnotizing voice of the top vocalists. According to Gustavo’s words:

„Tango is an everlasting fire. Fire, which is born from intimate relation between the dancers – a passion without control between man and woman. It is a fire which gives a temptation to tango.“

Through dramatic, funny and erotic scenes the artists show a whole scale of feelings. Already the second word of the performance’s name – seduccion (seduction) – characterizes the tango. In each move of the dancers you can see the many years of experience and their complete devotion to the work which has become their passion. Such a hot fire on the scene can be created by the most talented and the most passionate dancers only. And only these are accepted to the Tango Seduccion group. All of them have already reached a great experience and success in other groups and performances all over the world. Gustavo Russo has chosen only the best ones. The aim of the group is to show the various histories of love. The performance is an essence of bad and good sides of human’s nature – unfaithfulness, dissapointment, sadness, happiness and of course the real and everlasting love.

The Story

The performance has two parts – the funny one and the serious one. The first one is a journey through time, time of birthday, maturing and the biggest glory of the dance. The story is spined by people, who have created dance and for whom it was the only entertainment, brightening their sad, boring life in poverty – alcoholics, prostitutes and poor people. The second part shows the artistic character of tango. The audience can admire the beauty, passion and connection of dancers‘ bodies into one – a poetry in the purest form with light erotism. Fascinating history of tango shown in the original way. Taking advantage of theatrical means such as traditional tango, classical ballet and modern dance, it allows the audience all over the world to truly participate in the fascinating journey. The journey takes you to laugh, excitement, jealousy, seduction, sensuality, passion and love. It is a journey through emotions, which create tango. As Manuel Romere said:

„Tango is not only a dance. It is a life style, a philosophy. Tango was born from the roots of the human’s nature and therefore its language is understood by every human being."

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