Legendary Chippendales Dancers

Legendary male show from New York

Male bodies frenzy is coming back!!! The legendary group from New York is going to mesmerize Czech women again! Ideal muscles, Hollywood smile and a show that every woman needs to see at least once in her life! Explosion of testosteron in October in the Czech Republic!

Chippendales’ trademark is incredibly handsome men, selected to attract women, The group contains of exceptionally hadnsome and sporty men whose goal is to satisfy female audience. Their shows satisfy even the most demanding women. Every single one of them will find her dream type because they are everything a lady could want in a guy: beautiful, muscular, charming with dazzling smiles. During the hot show we can admire not so typical workers, firemen, waiters, sailors and gentlemen. Because Chipps are there to entertain any audience without any exceptions, the group members are of various types, which is a great advantage of theirs, as they say:

“There’s something nice for everyone”: blonde and dark-haired, pale complexion, tanned complexion, long hair, shaved heads, all of this in a package of sexy costumes. The show is oozing sexuality from the very first minutes when women get on their chairs, clap their hands and try to reach out for the perfect bodies.

Chippendales fulfill wishes of their fans and during every show they choose a few of them for the show and we guarantee the lucky ones won’t forget it till the rest of their lives. The strength of Chippendales men lays not only in their appearance but also in choreographies, perfected in every detail. Unusual sexappeal, the lights, singing and smoothly moving Chipps' bodies will rock the venue.

Chippendales is with no doubt the most spectacular production of entertainment business. The group performs around the world. In total, they gave 40 000 shows on 4 continents. They visited over 200 countries where they made women scream, dance and behave like they wouldn’t have thought they could act… They will do anything for women. And that’s the reason why you must see the electrifying Chippendales.

October 10th, 9 pm, Hybernia Theatre, Prague


„great choreography and sensual music, all of this perfectly composed in hypnotic dance show” People Magazine

„perfect muscles, sexuality and energy explosion – it’s a sin to miss out on them!!” New York Post

„ a great balance on the edge of erotism and great fun – they make wonders’ Manhattan Style Magazine

„Male striptease as you’ve never seen before” Details Magazine

„Divine torsos from USA. The sexies bodies of America.” Metropol

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