Provokátor Mapazine Issue 23

This issue, we at Provokátor have donned black and stared out from under a hood to find out the meaning behind ‘scary’. Released on October 22, the double October/November issue presents the mind-probing issues of real life events, myths, Dave Vanians gothic air, and one woman’s connection to The Devil’s Bible.

Prying into the various deviations of this month’s theme of ‘scary’— and as pseudo-authorities on the matter, we know what is scary—Provokátor features the following:
The Devil’s Codex by Sezin Rajandran
Godfather of Goth, interview with Dave Vanian by Marika M. Ley
Art & Film Festival Coverage by Kathryn Hume
By Golly, it’s the Golem by Jessi Tabalba
Don’t worry, everything’s cookin’ by Catherine Park
Five Minutes Till the End of Human Existence, the Doomsday Clock by Peter Utgaard
The Scary Kit by Kenn Mayfield
CPR for TPR by Stephen Delbos
No More Children, transcribed from A Trial of a Child Denied by Dana Wilson
Fear in the Heart of Europe, sketches from the civil war in Bosnia by Milana Milosevic
Bordercrossings Berlin by Fiona Mizani
Tarot Card: To the Depths! by Cat Deleon
Safe and Sound, a review of Clare Wigfall’s new book by Wendy Wrangham
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Kava Modre More, Kostnické Námesti 3, Žižkov P3
Vobejvák (The Living Room), Štítného 8, Žižkov P3
Hush Cafe - Lublánska 39, Vinohrady P2
Na Ceste – Miličova 6, Žižkov P3
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Other items;
Moonlight Mayhem Festival
Comic by Adam Reed
Arts Corner – NOD GALLERY recommended!!!
STDS; Stuff that Doesn’t Suck
Recommended Events Listings: *In addition to a print magazine we are media sponsors for things of specific interest that are a bit weird, marginal or under the radar.
Provokator Stuff to Do that Doesn't Suck (the shorthairs)
November / Listopad
1st th/ct
-VÄRTTINÄ (fn) @ Palác Akropolis (19:00)

2nd fr/pá
-Vagyny Dy Praga, Dr Vykuk @ Matrix (19:30)

2nd fr/pá – FIRGHT DAY NIGHT!
-Moonlight Mayhem Fest: 2days, 14 bands @ Vagon; Klingonz (uk), (us), Spellbound (ire), and more!

MOONLIGHT MAYHEM FEST @ VAGON : The Deep Eynde (us), Green Monster (cz) and more!

4th su/ne
-Peter Pan Speedrock (nl) @ Klub 007 (20:00)

5th mo/po
-Apocalyptica @ Kongreove Centrum Praha (20:00)

7th we/st
-Die Happy @ Abaton (20:00)
-Transglobal Underground (uk) @ Roxy (19:00)

8th th/ct
-Chick Corea, Bela Fleck @ Obecní dům (20:00)

9th fr/pá
-Adam Bomb (us) @ Klub 007 (20:00)
-King Diamond (us) @ Retro Music Hall (20:00)

10th sa/so
-Mamasweed (Berlin), Tower of Dudes @ Popo Cafe Petl (19:30)

12th mo/po
-Traffic Jam, Bublifuck @ Vagon (19:30)

13th tu/út
-Nitad (sw) @ Jet Club (19:00)
-Victory At Sea (us), Metal Hearts (us) @ Klub 007 (19:30)

14th we/st
-Bratri Orffové, Longital (sk) @ Palác Akropolis (19:30)
- Aiden @ Abaton

15th th/ct
-Sto Zvírat @ Roxy (19:30)
-Demonical (se), Denial of God (dk), Opitz @ Matrix (19:30)

16th fr/pá
-Berlin: Blue Valentines, The Trunk Show (de) @ White Trash BERLIN (19:30)
-The Tower of Dudes, The Careless Guys @ Chateau Rouge (19:30)

18th su/ne
-Unseen (us), Rejected Youth (de) @ Futurum (20:00)

19th mo/po
-Barry McCabe (ie), Irish Dew @ Vagon (19:30)

21st we/st
-The Skatalites (jm) @ Palác Akropolis (19:30)
-Už Jsme Doma @ Vagon (19:30)

22nd th/ct
-Robots in Disguise (uk) @ Lucerna Music Bar (19:30)
-Black Mountain (ca), OTK, selFbrush @ Klub 007 (19:00)
- Clou @ Palac Akropolis

28th we/st
-The Bones (se), The Peacocks (ch), Mad Marge & The Stonecutters (us), Flaming Cocks @ ROCK CAFE (19:30)

29th th/ct
-Fun-Da-Mental @ Lucerna Music Bar (19:30)

30th fr/pá
-Qui (us), David Yow of The Jesus Lizard (us), GNU @ Rock Café (21:00)

December / Prosinec
4th tu/út
6th th/ct
-Sunshine @ Lucerna Music Bar (19:30)

7th fr/pá
-Chris Harford (us), Please The Trees @ Klub 007 (19:30)
-Dance Or Die (de), No Name Desire, Immunology @ Rock Café (19:30)

12th we/st
-Gaia Mesiah @ Lucerna Music Bar (19:30)

13th th/ct
-Slut, Michaels Uncle @ Klub 007 (19:30)
-Gaia Mesiah @ Lucerna Music Bar (19:30)


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#23 Erratic Errata
Pprovokator – Ppague Events & Mapazine
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(appropriated from ~John Peel)
To those of you with the sharp eye and comprehension of critique: we dare you to find more than the following erroneous information:
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KEY corrections:
Batalion – Rijna 3, P1
Hush - Lublánska 39, P2
Maison Mere- may have been a figment of our imaginations’
Vobejvák / Living Room –Štítného 8, P3
EVENT Changes:
Rock this Town – is NOT at Abaton, it is at Rock Café
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