Provokátor Magazine Issue 24, December/January 2007

Wishing you a Happy Festivus!

This issue, we at Provokátor have avoided the single holiday in hopes of embracing other events of note that occur during the winter solstice season. The December/January issue presents the history behind New Years celebrations, some facts about those nasty resolutions, the consumer based Christmas markets, and what to do in Brrrrlin during this cheery season. SPECIAL FEATURE: Appease the present purgatory with our How To…? –    The DIY: Xmas Card (Poor Man’s Holiday Guide).

Prying into the various deviations of this month’s theme of ‘Festivus’— inquisitive about the matters of the holiday season beyond the holydays, like the special sentimentality behind ‘The Time of Airing Grievances’, and the rituals of group national anthem singing at midnight—Provokátor features the following:

Hogmanay by Mara Dougall
Poor Man’s Holiday Guide by Peter Utgaard
Festivus, not just a holiday for the ‘rest of us’ by Stephen Delbos
Behind the Scenes New Years by Joanna Davila
New Years Resolutions; Be Cruel to Be Kind to Yourself by Jessi Tabalba
Svařák Influenced Holiday Shopping by Catherine Park
Himnusz, Magyar Musical Mirth by Zoltan Dujisni
Lost in History, more to December than Holy Days by Kenn Mayfield
Pagan is as Pagan Does by Sezin Rajandran
Holidays in the Cold, things to do in Berlin by Michaela Abrera (with Berlin Events Listings)
Bath Time with David Yow of Qui by Marika Ley
KwaNzakah by Pamela Moye
Tarot Card: What you see is What you Get by Cat Deleon
Other items;
Resolve to Evolve, Issue 24 Editorial by Marika Ley
Festering in Festivity, Holiday Back Facts
Comic by Socalled
Radiowave by Craig Duncan
Arts Corner – literary and art exhibitions to Czech-out

STDS; Stuff that Doesn’t Suck (Recommended Events Listings: *In addition to a print magazine we are media sponsors for things of specific interest that are a bit weird, marginal or under the radar. )
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New Advertisers
Chateau Rouge (Live!)/ Jakubská 2, Praha 2

3 Floors / 4 Bars / 3 Stages
15th  El Deyma /Fr/ pop-rock, Glass Pocket (UK) alt. indie rock, Green Card (USA) indie rock
19th ANDRE SÁ (Brasil) samba / Mužy folk-rock Původní Bureš psychadelic punk
21th Bugmen – afterpunk, Fetch! -  hc, Rivers For Sale
22th DJ Victorius, Page Down, The Ritchie Success (ch)- electro hybrid pop

Kava U Modre More / Kostnické Námésti 3,Zizkov  +420 222 543 622
Deserts – Chocolate – Greek Coffee
THE BEST  IN PRAGUE – Taking holiday orders now!
FREE WIFI – Exquisite indulgences prepared in house: baklava, tiramisu, panacota and more

Hush / Lublanská 39, IP Pavlova
Your funky hotspot! Dj’s, Sports tv, Free Wifi
14th--Dj Martin and the funky groove masters
18th--Brasilian Duo: Andre Sah featuring Dudu Mohras
21st--Dj Cappy: bounce back party
25th--Xmas xtasy with Great Andrea Sah
28th--Dj Martin: so so funk so goood
31st--New year party aka good bye 2zerozero7
          featuring, Rap master Henry D of United Flavor
                         Dj Cappy

Na Cesteě / Miličova 6, Žižkov ( )
Interactive beatnik bar – atomic age martinis
- to Dec 18th: Viva Ukrajina photography exhibition by Gabriela Sarzevska
11th & 17th - Tarot Readings w/ free small beer (alcohol and psychic visions always a good idea)
19th Bohemian Reto Vintage Sale (

Matrix / Koněvova 13, Žižkov ( HYPERLINK ""
- 22nd Start v 20:00
+ DJ afterparty - Od synthpopu a futurepopu přes EBM až po darkwave a gothic.

Naftar / U Vinohradské nemocnice 2, Praha 2 Vinohrady

Brutal Emulator II & Elektro Oberheim představují aggrepo
Orestujte si swoje elektro závity - oldschool ebm, tbm, dark elektro, aggresive pop, elektro rock, synthpop, futurepop, electroclash, electro-industrial, brutal disco…Více info:  HYPERLINK ""

U Pravdu Restaurace / Zitná 15, Praha 1, Nové Mesto

Classic Czech Cuisine
Rimská 33 Restaurace / Rimska 33, V inohrady, Prague 2 (right by Namesti Miru)
Stone Oven Pizza, Pork Knuckles and Knees served the traditional way

 Sofit / Dlouha 24, Praha 1
-Cafe/ Bar/ DJ´s /Live Music / Free WiFi/ Perfect for Private Parties  

Other STDs of note :
Andalusky Pes “Andalusian Dog”, Korunovacni 4. Prague 7.

16th December from 3pm
23.12. / 19:30h - Skeptic Eleptic @ Klub 007 Strahov – The Joe Strummer Tribute Tour!
(look for advertisements on the mapazine and flyers distributed by throughout the city)

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