Provakator Issue #25

Provakator Magazine February/March Issue now out!

Investigating contrast 

What do Danish film directors and Danish pastries have in common? How about New Prague, Nebraska and Prague, CZ? What does it mean that 2008 is a leap year? In issue 25 of we answer these questions and more. You know what contrast is. The question is, how does contrast affect you? 

This issue investigates contrasts in several areas of life: social, artistic, geographic, political and personal. The February/ March issue presents and explores contrasts in Prague and worldwide, through issues both personal and universal.

Representing various types and degrees of contrast, Provokátor 25 features the following:

Family, Sex and Sculpture by Chris McMorrow

Film Festivals Return by Kathryn Hume

The Origins of Leap Year by Stephan Delbos 

Saddamed If You Do, Saddamed If You Don't by Peter Utgaard

Marginalized Genocide by Pamela Moye

Danish Film Director vs. Danish Pastries by Karl Körner

Nothing Succeeds Like Excess vs. Everything in Moderation by Jessi Tabalba

Kolacky, Kolatches or Buchty? by Becka McFadden

A Chat-Session With Johnny Feelings by Marika Ley

Contrast and Stasis in Jindřich Štreit's Photography by Stephan Delbos

Two-Way Street: Contrasts in Berlin by Jim Hudson

Anti-Intellectual/Anti-Folk: Prague Independent Music Collective by Marika

Other Items:

In Memoriam: Jan Kučera

Gilles Petersen on Radiowave by Craig Duncan

Comic by Ken Nash

Art Corner:

NOD: Vaclav Stratil: Nelze se zachovat 4.02 (vernisaze)

19:00 v Experimentalinim prosotu Roxy / NoD, Dlouha 33

(Vystava potrva od 5.2 do 28.2. 2008) koncert: Kapela se sjela


Head Over Heels for Theatre!

20-24.02 6th year of New Theatre Festival

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NITRO 17 - Klub 007- 8.3.08

THE SLACKERS- Rock Cafe 28.02.08

FESTIVAL OTRLEHO DIVAKA- Kino Aero 19-24.02 2008

LET IT ROLL- Chirana - 15.02.08

U.S BOMBS- Futurum - 23.03.08

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Instigator in Chief – Marika Ley

Editor – Stephan Delbos

Admin . Consultant – Joseph Rumley

Editor Consultant/ Copy – Wendy Wrangham

Copy Editor – Pamela Moye

Cover & Original Artwork – Atti

Comic – Ken Nash (

Photo – Jan Prerovsky (

Design – Bjetka Leyova / Michelle Tylicki,

Contributors – Stephan Delbos, Craig Duncan, Jim Hudson, Kathryn Hume, Karl Körner, Becka McFadden, Chris McMorrow,

Pamela Moye, Jessi Tabalba, Peter Utgaard

Translations – Jens Tuch (de) Voytyla Karotka / Bjetka (cz)

Events Editor – P.M. Utgaard / asst. Jessi Tabalba / Karen Mills / Catherine Parks

Webbies Andre Toussaint (London Media Group), David Driggers, N. Jennings

Marketing/ Sales – Marika Ley

[email protected]

U.S Rep./ Business & Ethics Manager – Pamela Moye

Berlin Rep. – Fiona Mizani [email protected]

Send Events to: [email protected]

Submit Content to: [email protected]

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