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Made You Look

So, welcome to the (Chinese) year of that unjustly maligned denizen of laboratories, treadmills, and sewers—the rat.

Rats are truly given the short shrift of things in the west—it’s the name given to you if you ‘squeal’ on your partners in crime or betray a cause, they’re considered dirty, are frequently still blamed for the spread of bubonic plague (the fleas and the squalid conditions were the actual culprits) and are subjected to all kinds of nasty experiments in the name of a science they never get any benefit from.

What a deal.

Fortunately, the Chinese see the rat-people (those born in a rat-year) as leaders, organized, intelligent and cunning, but likely to face a crisis of suffering at some time.

Much like 2008, March should be a very interesting month, with festivals including the Sperm Festival and the One World Film Festival; gigs like the Radioclash Tradeshow, Plastique, Caribou, Dead Kids, Black Lips, The Whitest Boy Alive, etc.; and, of course, the Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter Celebrations to liven things up.

You’ll find more about every one of the above events in this very magazine.

You’ll also find us taking a look at things such as the new Starbucks, the Tranzitdisplay Gallery, Diesel’s latest collection and more.

There are the usual critiques of films (this will be an excellent month to hit the cinemas by the way) and a number of Woody Allen films available on video.

You’ll also have a chance to meet and learn about the very interesting Seattle-based designer and illustrator Shawn Wolfe and find out why he should be on your list of people to pay attention to.

Have a great Easter/Spring celebration and see you next month!

Cover by Shawn Wolfe

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