Provokátor Mapazine Issue 26, March/April

Provokátor Magazine Issue 26, March/April 2008

You’re Sick and You Always Will Be.

“Gone”, she sighed to herself, “gone are the days of doing heaps of drugs and having as much sex in as many public places and positions as possible and maybe getting caught.”

While compiling the information for this issue's theme of addiction, one couldn't help but feel wistful.

Jsi nemocný a vždy budeš.

“Jsou pryč” vzdychla si, “všechny ty dny nezřízené intoxikace a divokého sexu, nejlépe na veřejnosti, kde vás mohou chytit, jsou pryč.

Hledání materiálu k tématu tohoto vydání – Závislosti – mě nutně vedlo k zamyšlení.

Du bist krank und wirst es immer bleiben

“Vorbei”, seufzte sie vor sich hin, “vorbei sind die Zeiten von Drogenbergen mit Sex in so vielen öffentlichen Plätzen und Positionen wie möglich mit dem Kick evtl. entdeckt zu werden.“

Als ich für das Thema dieser Ausgabe – Sucht – recherchierte konnte ich mir nicht helfen und wurde ein bisschen wehmütig.

Covering issues from fat-camps to Ibogaine. This month we take a closer look at dependence from the most obvious to the most absurd. The process of becoming an addict, what we're addicted to and the mammoth industry that has been created to provide for and cure our addictions. Don't think you're above addiction, it comes in many different forms and flourishes within every echelon of society. We're all hooked on something in one way or another -- be it chocolate, heavy metal, VyVoleni or Facebook (!).

Delving into the murky depths of addiction, Provokator 26 features the following;

Getting Off on Mother Nature by Marika
Game Over? By Chris McMorrow
Anti-Social Networking by Wendy Wrangham
Exercise Addiction by Becka McFadden
Just Give me some Truth: Drug Facts by Tolula Dada
Metalism by Peter Utgaard
The Power of Abstaining by Jessica Bloor
Fat Camp: The Unbearable Heaviness of Being by Jessi Tabalba
The Chronicles of Yet Another Ex-Patriate Artist in Berlin by Taylor Williams
Crash Course in Addiction by Stephan Delbos
Back Facts

Special credit to CHEET - the featured original artist's work can be found in the basement of Chateau Rouge.
He actually went out and graffitied somewhere (perhaps Beroun) for us and this issue...and we can't thank him enough. 
("CHEET - graphic designer&painter from prague. [email protected]

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Big Thank You to ...
Cheet for original artwork. Descend into the dungeon of Chateau Rouge to see more of Cheet's amazing artwork.

Instigator in Chief – Marika Ley
Editor – Stephan Delbos
Asst Editor – Jessica Bloor
Copy Editor – Wendy Wrangham
Cover & Original Artwork – Cheet
Admin Consultant – Joseph Rumley
Design – Michelle Tylicki, bjetka
Photo – Mark Basterfield
Contributors – Jessica Bloor, Tolula Dada, Stephan Delbos, Becka McFadden, Chris McMorrow,
Wendy Wrangham, Jessi Tabalba, Peter Utgaard, Tyler Williams
Comic – Maciej Salomon
Translations – Jens Tuch (de) Ondrej Lukes (cz)
Events Editor – Catherine Park asst Peter Utgaard, Jessi Tabalba
Marketing/ Sales – Marika Ley asst Nico Claudot, Sheriff Allam, Sandra Tamosiunaite
[email protected]
U.S Rep./ Business & Ethics Manager - Pamela Moye
Berlin Rep. - Fiona Mizani [email protected]
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