Of Kids & Parents: Twisted Spoon's newest release

Emil Hakl's resonant new novel takes you on a spin across time

Twisted Spoon Press is pleased to announce its newest release:

Of Kids & Parents
a novel by Emil Hakl
translated from the Czech by Marek Tomin

About the book:

"In my mind, Emil Hakl is one of the more interesting Czech writers
today ... I think he would also appeal to an international readership
as his core themes are those that would resonate with anyone."
--Britske listy


Taking its cue both from Joyce's Ulysses and Hrabal's freely
associating stream of anecdote, Of Kids & Parents is about a father
and son taking a walk through Prague, over the course of which, and in
the pubs and bars they stop into, their personal lives are revealed as
entwined with the past sixty years of upheaval in their corner of

One's "small history" is shown to be inseparable from the
History played out on the world's stage -- families are uprooted,
relationships start and fail, jobs are gained or lost -- and life goes
on as the same mistakes are repeated over and over in the never-ending
freak show that is present-day Prague. Hakl's genius is his ability to
mesh these two levels into a seamless flow of humorous dialogue.

Currently being translated into most European languages, the novel was
awarded a Magnesia Litera Book of the Year prize in 2003 and has been
adapted into a recently released feature film.

About the author:

Emil Hakl was born in Prague in 1958. A graduate of the Jaroslav Jezek
Conservatorium, he worked at a number of manual-labor jobs under the
communist regime and then as a copywriter for an advertising agency in
the 1990s. As the decade ended, he decided to devote himself to
literature and has published a volume of poetry, three novels, and two
collections of short stories since (one of which is forthcoming in
English on Comma Press in the UK).

ISBN: 978-80-86264-30-1
softcover, 154 pp.
275 Kc

available now in bookstores

web page: www.twistedspoon.com/parents

Twisted Spoon Press
P.O. Box 21
Preslova 12
150 21 Prague 5
Czech Republic

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