Provokátor Magazine Issue 27 May/June 2008

Provokátor Magazine's One-Two Black & Blue Culture Knockout!!!

8 May 2008, Prague

European Dream/Evropsky Sen

When we began this mission of a mapazine in 2005, our stated drive was
to publish:

"A community-produced magazine reflecting the global village proportions of urban areas with a focus on Prague and Berlin; supporting creative interaction and community locally and worldwide, blurring the borders of genre and media."

In particular, we wanted to
concentrate on: "Smudging the borders of nationality and language by translation and/or summary, as well as universal imagery."

Several European borders came down this year, thus redefining the
realm of Europe. These changes brought a new sense of confusion and
bewilderment as to where we all belong in the undivided Europe.

Evropský Sen "Culture Knockout" 15-17.05.2008

As if the mapazine weren't enough is also bringing the
people of Prague Evropský Sen "Culture Knockout" a cross-cultural
festival of music, simultaneously translated literary readings in
English, German and Czech, as well as interactive visual art. Evropsky
Sen blurs the borders of genre, language and culture and represents a
new conception of Europe: unified, all-inclusive and artistic. What's
your European Dream?

In conjunction with the Evopsky Sen festival this month's issue
further investigates the idea of a united Europe and the European
Dream. Covering issues from Schengen regulations and opinions to
reasons and means of staying in the EU and advice on the trip wires
you have to vault to stay in Europa. As well as discussing some of
Europe's populous whom often escape mention.

Drifting into the European unconscious, Provokator 27 features the following:

Dream Police by Sezin Rajandran

Love on the Line? by Tolula Dada

Walls and Windows: The Dreamscapes of Jiøí Koláø By Stephan Delbos

What's this Schengen business? By Jessica Bloor

The American Dream by Becka McFadden

Green Card Green Light by Jessica Bloor

Akropolismultimediale 2008 by Tolula Dada

American/European Timeline by Jessi Tabalba

Book Review of "Xenophobe's Guide to the Czechs" by Stephan Delbos

The Roma Dream by Wendy Wrangham

The Fight for Reform - You are not Alone by Victoria Cork

What's Your Opinion of The Schengen Agreement?



STDS: Stuff That Doesn't Suck???

Recommended Events Listings: In addition to a print magazine we are
media sponsors for things of specific interest that happen to be a bit
weird, marginal or under the radar.

Get Your STDS Checkup:

10/04 – 14/05/08 Q: Wake Up! Dance performance by Stinker & double
concert by Sero and inchforma, Meet Factory

01 – 25/05/08 Indie Twins: Aznek Hoskova, Jakub Hosek, Galerie 5. Patro Artkunst

09/05/08 Punkparade: DJs Efka, Concha, Pete @ Club 007 (20:00)

10/05/08 Global Marihuana March @ Parukařká Park, P3 (14:30 – 22:00)

11/05/08 Sítotiskový – Silk Screen Workshop / Spiritual Soundsystem @
Hala C, Drajbejlova 17a (16:00 – 22:00)

15/05/08 Evropský Sen: Bordercrossings Berlin, The Prague Revue. Craig
Duncan DJ @ The Globe Cafe (20:00)

16/05/08 Evropský Sen: Blue Valentines (Berlin), Kade Chim (Cz), DJ
Mikulaš, poetry reading by josef Hruby, Alistair Noon, Lucien Zell @
Popo Cafe Petl (20:00)

17/05/08 Evropský Sen: Mamasweed (De), Trunk Show (ber), Tower of
Dudes (Cz), DJs Bonnie & Clyde, Sugar Kane, poet's Catherine Hales/
Mathias Trexler/ Christopher Crawford @ Chateau Rouge (20:30)

17/05/08 Prague 2008 Zombie Walk: start 17:00 @ Stare Město, after party @ Bordo

20/05/08 Recyclit @ Bordo

23/05/08Heartbeats @ Bordo (20:30)

24/05/08 The Tower of Dudes, The Careless Guys @ Chateau Rouge (20:30)

25/05/08 Bad Luck Charms (US) @ Klub 007 (20:00)

28/05/08 Senor Coconut and his Orchestra @ Roxy (19:00)

28/05/08 Hudson Falcons, The First Wave, Gangnails @ Cross Club (20:00)

29/05/08 The Slapdash @ U Slavíkú (19:30)

31/05/08 Former Cell Mates (UK), Zwei Tage (De) + guest @ Chateau Rouge

04/06/08 4th – 7th Akropolis Multimediale 2008

18/06/08 Matmos (US), Zavoloka (UA) @ Divadlo Archa (20:00)

(For a comprehensive list of other stuff that doesn't suck or only
sucks a little please visit EVENTS calendar at

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Instigator in Chief – Marika Ley
Editor – Stephan Delbos
Asst Editor – Jessica Bloor**, Tolula Dada**
Copy Editor – Wendy Wrangham
Cover & Original Artwork – Laura Cross
Admin Consultant – Joseph Rumley
Design – Michelle Tylicki**, Laura Cross
Photo – Mark Basterfield**
Contributors – Jessica Bloor, Tolula Dada, Stephan Delbos, Craig Duncan***
Becka McFadden, Jessi Tabalba, Nicole Tobišková***, Wendy Wrangham.
Comic – Łukasz Przytarski
Translations – Jens Tuch (de) Ondrej Lukes (cz)
Events Editor – Catherine Park**/ asst Jessi Tabalba / asst. P.M Utgaard
Marketing/ Sales – Marika Ley asst Nico Claudot**, Sheriff Allam**,
Sandra Tamosiunaite**/ Hugo Falque**
[email protected]
U.S Rep./ Business & Ethics Manager - Pamela Moye
Berlin Rep. - Fiona Mizani [email protected]
Send Events to: [email protected]
Submit Content to: [email protected]
[email protected]

*The Prague Revue(c)


***Radiowave, Cesky Rozhlas

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