Provokátor Magazine Issue 30

Provokátor Magazine Issue 30

In the wake of several citizens and a few nations preoccupied with human rights and their collective disdain for China holding the XXIX Olympiad, we thought of holding an alternative – Urban Olympics 2008. In our Games we'd play capture the Torch Bearer – none of this mamsy pamsy dousing the flame, as several disgruntled human rights activists have attempted to do.

Editorial #30

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The Silent Scandal by Stephan Delbos

Critical Mass by Hannah Straw

Greet the MeetFactory by Hannah Straw

Talking Toaster Bucket by Marika Ley

Biograph Alfred by Phil Williams

Free-Running: Elevating your Eyeline by Alex Lawson

Extreme Ironing: Defying Death Well Pressed by Phil Williams

The Game of Love Pt I by Tolulua Dada

The Game of Love Pt II by Peter Utgaard

Roller Derby by Roman Skyva

Bombshelled by Manda Singer

The Spirit of Sport by Phil Williams

Pachtuv Palace Review by Nico Claudot

Oasis Hostel Review by Hugo Falque and Dorian Bardavid

Regular Features

Events by Jessi Tabalba & Peter Utgaard

Back Facts by Jessi Tabalba

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September 20 Iggy and the Stooges - HC Sparta Arena

September 21 Critical Mass Bike Ride - Starts @ Rudolphinum

October 15 Emilie Autumn, Trunk Show @ Matrix

October 31 & November 1st -  Moonlight Mayhem Fest - Matrix

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