Chris Botti Plays Congress Centrum

Chris Botti in Prague Congress Centre!

Chris Botti has created his own genre in a kingdom of contemporary jazz....

......he has won many awards including Grammy Award.....

 „What is unique about him is that he has jazz chops and he comes from the world of jazz,“ Sting has said of Chris Botti....
Placed on People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People of the year 2003!

....the most sexy trumpeter since Chat Baker.....

Trumpeter Chris Botti is a gifted instrumentalist, a talented composer, and a charismatic performer who - since the release of his first solo album in 1995 - has created a series of recordings which have made him a virtual genre-of-one in the realm of contemporary jazz while at the same time capturing the attention of the pop music world.

Through his singular combination of lush atmospheres and thoughtful improvisations, Botti has earned both critical acclaim and mainstream appreciation for a succession of best-selling albums including When I Fall In Love (2004, #1 Top Jazz Album, #37 Billboard Top 200), To Love Again: The Duets (2005, #1 Top Jazz Album, #18 Billboard Top 200), and Chris Botti Live with Orchestra & Special Guests (2006, #2 Top Jazz Album).

He does not limit his compositions only to jazz, but his work is influenced also by rock and classic music. Botti is a favourite of critics, who call a sound of his trumpet as „weaved from silk“.

Botti is a native of Oregon who was born in Portland, raised in Corvallis, and spent two years of his childhood growing up in Italy. His earliest musical influence was his mother, a classically trained pianist and part-time piano teacher. He began playing trumpet at age 9 and, after hearing a recording of Miles Davis playing "My Funny Valentine," realized the instrument was his key to "doing something meaningful with my life."

In the studio and on stage, Chris Botti has worked with such stars as Tonny Bennet, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andrea Bocelli, Jill Scott, Michael Bublé, Paul Simon, Rod Stewart, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Betty Midler, Bob Dylan, The Brecker Brothers, Diana Krall, Joni Mitchell, and renowned film composer John Barry among others, he has appeared on dozens of albums, compilations and soundtracks.

However, the most important was his collaboration with Sting. Botti's association with Sting - who joins Botti on both To Love Again and When I Fall In Love - dates back to 1999, when the trumpeter joined the pop legend's band as featured soloist on the "Brand New Day" tour, which lasted two years.

"What is unique about him is that he has jazz chops and he comes from the world of jazz," Sting has said of Chris Botti. "He also has a very refined pop sensibility. He looks great and he presents himself well. He works hard, and you know, you see a star a mile off. So he was in my band for four years. He took the light. I'm very happy when people in my band take the spotlight and say, "Let me run with this ball," because I'll just stand back and I'll look good."

Chris Botti is also known as the most sexy trumpeter since Chat Baker. He was placed on People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People of the year 2003!

The trumpeter has won many awards including Grammy Award. In September 2007 he released his recent album - "Italia".

Chris Botti will perform with his unique orchestra already on the 6st of October in Prague Congress Centre!!

Do not miss that most extraordinary jazz event of the year!!

The tickets are already on sale in ticketpro, ticket-art and ticketstream.

Price: 1800 Kč, 1500Kč, 1350Kč, 1150Kč, 900Kč, 650Kč.

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