Guerilla Gallery Stomps Fully-Formed into the Prague Art Scene

Guerilla Gallery busts its doors wiiiiide open!

Guerrilla Gallery breaks its rusty chains and runs loose!

The newly opened Guerrilla Gallery, on the corner of slavikova and vinohradska ul. (tram 11, metro jiriho z podebrad) is open and free to all, both artists and appreciators alike.

The Guerrilla Gallery offers an opportunity for local artists to exhibit their work publicly in a central location with constant foot and auto traffic, and the chance for punters to view contemporary art in a casual street setting free of charge or ceilings.

"...taking the illegal graffiti aspect of art and injecting it into fully legitimate spaces such as but not limited to Guerrilla Gallery, takes the societally shunned aspects of the graffiti-artistic medium and presents them in a more palatable format."

- from Guerilla Gallery Mission Statement

 By inviting artists from around the world to come and dress up the space at will, Guerrilla Gallery centralizes the diversity of modern art and deftly turns it on its head, with surprising panache considering its 300kg thickly muscled and fur-coated frame.

No style is to be excluded, so pay attention: art wankers and mugs alike may participate without further permission required.

The current exhibit displays local artist Daria with her pink-punk-n-skulls stylings.

For more about the artist, email Daria: [email protected]

To exhibit at Guerrilla Gallery you may either just show up and paint, glue, or otherwise directly install your art on the spot (at own risk from johnny law's arthritic grip), 

or you may email Damien:

[email protected]

Please note, no responsibility is taken by the management for damage, modification or theft of artworks, or bodily injury or harm, loss of life by decapitation, drowning, suffocation, dismemberment, terminal boredom or insanity..

for inspiration and further instructions please direct your browswer to this video: Guerilla Gallery Interviews #1

Tickets Unavailable at any time. Price range: 0Kz to free

Watch for the upcoming Official Guerilla Gallery Grand Opening Gala Salad Event!

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