Georgian National Sukhishvili Ballet

The biggest show from Georgia!

 28. 11.2008 in Prague Congress Centre

Almost 100 artists: dancers, singers and musicians on stage!

The story about fight, suffering and heroism of Georgian nation!

Fabulous costumes and gorgeous scenography portraying the Georgian soul!

Live music performed on traditional instruments!

Names of founders of the famous National Ballet of Georgia Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili are surrounded by legends and the fame of the ensemble is worldwide. “The Eighth Wonder of the World” – it is the name international media gave to the “Sukhishvili” ensemble.

The “Sukhishvili” ballet became the first folk dance ensemble that gave their performance on the stage of the famous “La Scala” opera house in Milan. The curtain rose fourteen times and adamant record of the famous tenor Enrique Caruso was broken. Stunning success awaited dancers all over the world – during their Broadway tour the performance of the National Ballet of Georgia was called the performance of the year and the ensemble itself – the best Broadway ballet.    

The ensemble consists of seventy dancers and its own orchestra. During its existence the ensemble went on more than 200 tours, nine times visited five continents, eighty eight countries, and gave about 9200 performances. Since their debut Georgian dancers impress spectators all over the world with their amazing choreography, tornado spins, and vertiginous jumps filling the stage with dynamic energy. 

Male dances surprise with their temperament and skill and reflect both warlike and noble nature. Dancers remind of moving wild animals, impetuous, cunning and temperamental. Impressive examples of their incredible skills are spins and jumps on hallux thumbs booted in soft leather shoes without hard soles, or spins on one knee with the speed enough to make your heart miss a beat.

Stunningly beautiful women fascinate spectators with their charming, seemingly indifferent, nearly passive wraparound dance. The dance flow is emphasized by costumes and headdresses as well as numerous braids down to the waist.

A two-hour program of the National Ballet of Georgia is a continuous tale of Georgian soul and transformations it underwent during the last years. With great tragic artistry, humor and temperament, dancers bring up the history of their little nation to the trial of the audience. Peculiarities of Georgian soul, expressed in the dances of Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili, still thrill spectators and fill their hearts with imperishable impressions.

Click here to see the quality of their performance.

Price: 1750Kč,  1450Kč, 1250Kč, 950Kč, 750Kč, 550Kč.

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