Provokátor Magazine Issue 31, October/November 2008

Provokátor Magazine Issue 31, October/November 2008

03 October 2008, Prague

Can you feel it in the air? That cold blustery wind of politics. The gray overcast skies from the spew of spin-doctors.  The putrid smell of bullshit polluting the atmosphere. Yes, it's election time everyone! Several nations including the Czech Republic are caught up in a cacophony of campaigning candidates, choking on community conundrums, calamities and congruent causes (I should be a Presidential speech writer or an editor for Dr.Seuss) English

Editorial #31


Continued online at the following links.

Pale In Comparison by Pamela Moye

Interview with Ship of Fools Alex Hacke & Danielle De Picciotto by Marika Ley

MOFFOM Festival: New York City by Alex Lawson

Better the Devil You Know by Benjamin Tallis

Georgia by Ekaterine Tsereteli

Monetary Politics by Jessi Tabalba

Wave Goodbye The Politics of Radio by Stephan Delbos

Berlin’s Artistic Explosions by Manda Singer

Le Meridien Lav Split, Croatia by Stephen Delbos

Provokator Stuff to Do that Doesn't Suck:
OCTOBER -  říjen  / NOVEMBER - listopad 
(for comprehensive list of other stuff that doesn't suck or only sucks a little please visit the EVENTS calendar)

25.10 to 10.12 Performance/Theatre/Music/Projection/Exhibition @  (full program and schedules in Art Stuff)

23.10  Xiu Xiu @ Meet Factory (20:00)

25.10  Gallon Drunk @ Rock Café (19:30)

26.10 The Creepshow @ Cross Club (20:00)

29-30-31.10  Female Weapons @ Alfred ve dvoře (20:00)

31.10 (20:30) & 01.11 (19:30)  Moonlight Mayhem Fest @ Matrix Club
03.11  Far From Finished @ Klub 007 Strahov (20:00)

03.11 KTL    (Stimul Fest) @ Divadlo Archa (20:00)

04.11  Cluster (Stimul Fest) @ Divadlo Archa (20:00)

04.11  Real McKenzies Rock Café (19:00)

15.11  Mogwai ( Stimul Fest ) @  Divadlo Archa (19:30)

16.11 Rezurex @ Klub 007 Strahov

17.11  Monster MagnetRoxy (18:20)

26.11  Woven Hand Archa(20:00)
Moonlight Mayhem Fest

Join the STDS Checkup List
Keep posted as to what STDS you really want to know about!

To post to this group send email to  [email protected]

23.10 /18:00 
Gebhard Sengmüller: A Parallel Image @ Prague Dolní Počernice , Stará obec 10 
Part of the exhibition The Photographic Slide in the Era of the Homemade Media

26.10 / 19:00 Projekt Empty Visions @  Palác Akropolis

30.10 /18:00

Školská 28: Communication space, Školská 28, Prague 1
Slide-fairy tales and slide-horror show "Bloody Birthday" @ Pohadky Prodeti (

Alfred ve Dvoře, Františka Křížka 36, Prague 7 
29-30-31.10 - Female Weapons (20:00)

MeetFactory, International Centre for Contemporary Arts Ke Sklárně 15, Prague 5
(gallery: we/st to su/ne, 15h - 20h)

MeetFactory seeks to facilitate cooperation with representatives of international cultural institutions and to provide a platform which the Czech contemporary art scene obviously lacks.
Initiating dialogue that's expected from the Czech Republic while supporting contemporary art and culture, with an emphasis on visual arts' direct contact with the public.
29. 10. – Cinema Evening (19:00)
Nov./List.-Kino - every we/st (19:00)
13.11. – Lecture: Spanish Architect Francisco Mangado, (19:30) 
20. 11. – Katharina Schmit – author reading, (17:00)
26. 11. – Enrique Ježik (Argentina) – exhibition
MeetFactory reserves the right to be creatively preoccupied and change their program at any time.
*program updates online (also reserving the right to forget to update website).

Roxy/Nod, Experimental Venue, Dlouhá 33, Prague 1
25-26.10 - Cristina Maldonado/Badlygifted: Conversation on melodrama mexicano (20:00)
Divadlo, Performance (teatroNoD)
27.10 - Noise Nod 08 (19:00)
Hudba, Performance, Projekce, Výstava (galerieNoD)
29.10 - Česko – norské setkání na scéně (18:00)
Divadlo (teatroNoD)
30.10 - Krepsko: The Twin (20:00)
Divadlo (teatroNoD)

31.10 - Krepsko: Erorrism (20:00)
Divadlo (teatroNoD)

1.11 - Krepsko: Improvisation 111 (20:00)
Divadlo (teatroNoD)

3-4.11 - Jiří Adámek: Evropané (20:00)
Divadlo (teatroNoD)

5.11 - KomiksFEST! (20:30)
Výstava (galerieNoD)

6.11 - Friedrich Kirschner - Machinima movies (20:00)
Projekce, Přednáška (NoLab)

8.11 - KomiksFEST! (12:00)
Hudba, Projekce, Přednáška, Výstava (NoLab)

10.11 - Normální festival (11:00)
Divadlo, Přednáška (teatroNoD)

12-13.11 - Krepsko: Dronte etc. (09:00/20:00)
Divadlo (teatroNoD)

14.11 - Největší slídilové 2008 - slavnostní udílení cen Big Brother Awards (19:30)
Performance, Projekce (NoLab)

8.12 - Expandia / Arnold Dreyblatt (de), přednáška (19:00)
Přednáška (NoLab)

9.12 - Expandia / impro#15-17: Burstscratch (fr), Catophone (cz), 2M+Kapela Snů (cz/sk) (19:30)
Hudba, Performance, Projekce (NoLab)

10.12 - Expandia / impro #18-20: Jade (at), JackJack+Dušan Urbanec (cz/sk), Carpets Curtains (cz) 19:30
Hudba, Performance, Projekce (NoLab)

Film Festy:

Kino Aero, Biskupcova 31, Prague 3
3rd Pole, features: Global Awareness about how f*cked up the world is.

21.— 23. 10. 2008
 21. 10 Život a dluh | Life and Debt (18:00)
        Žízeň | Thirst, Tichý zabiják | Silent Killer (20:30)

22.10 King Corn (18:30)

23.10 Nakupuj férově | Buyer be Fair (18:00)
        Městští farmáři | City farmer, Globální hostina | Global Banquet: Politics of Food (20:30)

Kino Svetozor , Vodičkova 41, Prague 1
Mezipatra: gay & lesbian cinema

06.11. — 11.11.
Praha Short Film Fest

12.11. — 16.11.
Bergman Film Fest

14. 10.— 13. 12.

FAMU FEST @ Divadlo Archa, Na Poříčí 26 (21:00)

6.11 - DD/MM/YYY (us), High Places (us), Indie Twins DJs (cz)

7.11 - Ohm Square (cz), Cassete (cz), Popper-C DJs (cz)

8.11 - Chairlift (us), Modre Hory (sk), Disjockeyove (cz)

9.11- The Presets (aus), Ventolin (cz), Bohemian Like You DJs (cz)

Who’s to Blame:

Instigator-in-Chief – Marika Ley
Supervisor Editor – Stephan Delbos**
Asst. Editor - Alex Henderson*, Peter Holland*
Copy Editor – Anthony Mikes, Pamela Moye
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Admin. Consultant – Joseph Rumley
Sales / Marketing Manager - Nico Claudot
I T – we will happily exchange sexual favors for IT work
Contributors– Rebecca Ayres, Tolula Dada, Stephan Delbos, Alex Henderson, Alex Lawson,
Pamela Moye, Manda Singer, Hannah Straw, Jessi Tabalba, Benjamin Tallis, Ekaterine Tsereteli
Comic Illustration- Rostislav Kotil
Translations – Spusa Education Center (
Events / STDs – Nathanael Dahan*
Admin. Asst. - Ottilia Bodi*, Kate Pinto*
U.S. Rep./Business & Ethics – Pamela Moye
Production Assistant:- Karim Talaat

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