Provokátor Magazine Issue 32, November/December/January 2008

Provokátor Magazine Issue 32, November/December/January 2008

Several years ago I was on a plane escorting my grandfather from his home in Florida to his home in New York. I finagled us two seats in first class because I wanted to impress my grandfather who was old and hard to handle. We boarded first and I found myself seated next to an attractive older woman who radiated an intense sense of serenity. She even smelled noticeably good. She ordered an apple juice with lime on the rocks. I ordered a double whisky on the rocks, smiling sheepishly at her, “Well, it’s free here in first class, might as well not let it go to waste.” She agreed. (English)

Editorial #32

 Heroes & Villains

Continued online at the following links.

It was a typical day at Provokator, especially when the door slammed shut with the keys outside. No Internet connection and a handful of dead phones, we were trapped inside with a warm crate of Staropramen and a dwindling sense of sanity. Like an alien beast hiding below decks until the crew is shipwrecked, our inner nerd came crawling out with a vengeance, resulting in these superhero cards with a contemporary twist. Ka-POW, baby!

FEATURE- Heroes & Villains Trading Cards:

Al Gore by Peter Holland

Byron Gracia (Filipino Jail Warden) by Chris McMorrow

Google by Peter Holland

Malalai Kakar by Alex Jordan

Muhammad Yunus by Peter McDermott

Crude Oil by Peter Holland

Stanislav Petrov by Alex Henderson

Thomas Midgley Jr. by Peter Holland

Troy Hurtubise by Alex Henderson

Vaclav Havel by Ben Tallis

Sponsored Contents:

Enrique Ježik Exhibition @ MeetFactory by Kate Pinto

Zero Ballet @ Alfred Ve Dvoře



Obam-O-Meter by Global Vox Populi

Die Kunststoffe Der Kunst / The Plastics of Art by Manda Singer

Stereo MCs Interview; questions compiled by Lawrence Donaldson & Alex Henderson

Additional Content:

STDs / Events by Nathanael Dahan

Back Facts by IMG

Classlessifieds by Peter Holland & Chris McMorrow

Censorship Alert! ArtWall Gallery Closed! by Alex Jordan & Kate Pinto

Provokator Stuff to Do that Doesn't Suck:

November - Listopad / December - Prosinec / January - Leden

22.11 "Hectic Holiday" - Trunk Show (berlin) Night @ Popo Cafe Petl 8:00 pm

26.11 Woven Hand (ex-16 Horsepower) [usa] @ Festival Alternativa by UniJazz 8:00 p.m.

26.11 Biohazard (us) @ Abaton 8:00 pm

28.11 Backyard Babies (swe) @ Rock Cafe 7:30 pm

30.11 Texas Terri Bomb @ Klub 007 Strahov 7:30 pm

3.12 Tindersticks (uk) @ Divadlo Archa 7:30 pm

4.12 Deep Eynde (us), Last Days of Jesus (sk) @ Rock Cafe 7:30 pm

4.12 Soilwork (swe) @ Futurum 8:00 pm

7.12 Satyricon (nor) @ Futurum 8:00 pm



19.01 - The Stranglers (uk) @ Akropolis

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DOX Center for Contemporary Art, Osadní 34, P7
Through 2.8 - Welcome to Capitalism! Inaugural multi-project installation

Entrance Gallery, Křižíkova 34, P8
13.11-28.11 - Anná Chmelová & Milena Průžková

Czech and International Poetry Days in Prague
10-23.11 program @

Alfred ve DvořeFrantiška Křížka 36, P7

20-21-22.11 - Table Culture (Motion claustrophobia) (20:00)
25.11- Eye of Poetry – Blackeye at 20.00
25-26.11- Workshop of Acting and Movement (11:00 -15:00)
27.11 - Dance Show: Zero Ballet (20:00)
10-11.12 - Love Me - Bergman Update, work in progress (20:00)

Festival Alternativa, Archa Theater, Na Porící 26 & Kaštan, Bělohorská 150
21.11-29.11 - For more information check online events listing

MeetFactory, International Centre for Contemporary Arts,
Ke Sklárně 15, P5
28.11-20.12 - Enrique Ježik Exhibition (19:00)
28.11-7.12 - Anders Gronlien & Michael Gimenez – exhibition
9.12 - Land without words – theatre (20:00)
12.12 - Pavel Sterec – opening (19:00)
13.12 - 20.12 - Pavel Sterec – exhibition
16.12 - Ivan Vyrypajev / Antonie Velikánová: Genesis No. 2 – theatre (20:00)

Divadlo Na Zábradlí, Anenské Náměstí 5, P1

6-13-14.12 - Black Snow Company (17:00) 

Film Festy:
Kino Aero,
Kino Světozor &
Kino Centrál, Karla IV. 774, Hradec Králové 2
Bergman Film Fest

Kino Světozor, Vodičkova 41, P1
20-26.11 - Festival of French Film
3-27.12 - Best of Audio Visual

Kino Aero, Biskupcova 31, P3
FilmAsia 2008

Who’s to Blame:


The hope that this year has been as inspirational as it has been perplexing...

we encourage you to continue to: look further, seek more, ask questions and insist on answers.
...the world is y/ours - all it takes is to accept the responsibility of being a part of it. 

Instigator-in-Chief – Marika Ley

Supervisor Editor – Chris McMorrow, Kate Pinto*

Asst. Editor - Alex Henderson*, Peter Holland*, Alex Jordan*

Copy Editor – Chris McMorrow, Pamela Moye

Master Design –

Cover Art / Layout Design – Giulia Berti*, Alex Henderson, Peter Holland

Adriana Martin de la Prida*, Panikos Polyviou

Admin. Consultant – Joseph Rumley

Sales / Marketing Manager - Nico Claudot, asst. Ottilia Bodi*

I T – Lucie Poudoulec

Contributors – Lawrence Donaldson, Alex Henderson,
Peter Holland, Alex Jordan, Peter McDermott, Chris McMorrow,

Kate Pinto, Manda Singer, Benjamin Tallis

Illustrators - Rostislav Kotil, Peter Holland* (Malalai Kakar & Obam-O-Meter, Illustration colors), Adriana Martin de la Prida* (Troy Hurtubise)

Photographer- George Law*, Mariona Peraire Selva*, Aroa Sanchez Tapetado*

Translation – Spusa Education Center (

Events / STDs Ottilia Bodi*, Nathanael Dahan*

U.S. Rep./Business & Ethics – Pamela Moye

Production Asst.:- Karim Talaat




Consider this a disclaimer:

Provoká is a vehicle for cross-cultural communication, integration and education. We are run almost solely by volunteers, students and the mentally infirm, therefore mistakes are bound to happen and are often hilarious.

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