Trunk Show

TRUNK SHOW – Presented by & Random Acts - Hectic Holiday

22.11 - TRUNK SHOW – Presented by & Random Acts

Popo Café Petl, Ujezd 19

Tickets: 150 czk

doors: 20:00

Provoká has one more event to spice up the cold  Eastern-European night.

We have drinks, party attitude and even a one-eyed dog! Your presence is the only thing that's missing!

Come join us for a party filled with amusing hectic-ness featuring the performance of Berlin's haphazard or maybe totally planned Waits-like music of The Trunk Show.

Trunk Show brings their rag-tag assortment of instruments and salty dog attitude to Popo Café Petl.

In their trunk they carry lots of gizmos with three vocalists that share the mic, although not at the same time.

The voice of Andru Davis seems sweet in comparison to the tequila soaked sailor song of Aileen Loy, a female version of Tom Waits if you like. Marc Cram's contribution aligns more with an inebriated Kermit the Frog on a bender.

The percussion is served by whips, chains, and gas cans as well as cheese graters and baby heads, for the freakshow of carpet-bagging misfits, often inciting the crowd into the frenzy of phonics.

The performances tend to end in collapse and collision, but always with a sense as if witnessing the worlds most beautiful train wreck.

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