Provokator Mapazine Issue #33 March/April 2009

Press Release / Provokátor Magazine Issue 33, March - Březen /April - Duben 2009

We’re all going to die.

It is part of the plan; there’s nothing you can do to stop it. The moment you are born you begin to die. This is mortality. Ah, life.
There is nothing that naturally exists that lacks an expiration date. Even stars die (and I’m not talking about celebrities). They get so big and chemically cantankerous they implode and become vacuous black holes (now I’m talking about celebrities). Ah, death.
So why do we make things that will outlast us by eons? Though it is human nature to want to leave a mark on the face of time, should that be our goal?
Editorial #33


Continued online at the following links.

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THE OFFICE (not just a British sitcom)


Inside Cross Club: A living artwork by Peter Holland, (Translator Kateřina Písačková)

The Cold, Hard Facts About Recycling by Peter McDermott

The Plastic Menace by Kate Pinto

Fast Food Recycling by Petr Piechula and Kate Pinto

Waste Freecycle by Chris McMorrow

Blame Meatfactories by Peter Holland


From Trash to Fashion by Kayla Goldfarb

"Waste Not Want Not" by Karim Talaat

Back Facts by IMG

Sponsored Contents:

Open Gallery @ MeetFactory by Kate Pinto

Mushrooms | Houby @ Alfred Ve Dvoře by Alex Jordan

Iona Mona Popovici: Portret @ Divadlo Ponec by Alex Jordan

Stimul Fest: Merzbow (jp) @ Divadlo Archa

Provokator Stuff to Do that Doesn't Suck:

March - Březen /April - Duben 2009

29.03  SINFULL NIGHT Vol. 6: Frantic Flintstones (uk), As Diabatz (br),  Graveyard Johnnys (uk), Cornish Duck (cz)  @ Bunkr (20:00)

01.04  The Sisters Of Mercy (us) @ Archa (20.00) 

02.04  Bohemian Soul Clan Heart Beat Club: Soul Liberation! @ Baráčnická Rychta (20:00)

06.04  The Subways (uk) @ Lucerna (20.00) 

16.04  Bohemian Soul Heartbeat Club: Free Future Kosmonauts! @ Baráčnická Rychta (20:00)

17.04  Kamikaze Queens (de), Priscilla Sucks (de) @ 007 (19:30)

22.04  Stimul Fest : Butthole Surfers (us), Black Dice (us), Zkouška Sirén (cz)

            @ Archa (19:30)

22.04  Buena Vista Social Club (cu) @ Kongresové Centrum (19:00)

23.04 Fru Fru (cz), Everything Must Go (us), SuperPilot (int'l) @ Cross Club (19:00) FREE

23.04  French ConneXion Vol.XI: La Familia (fr), Basta Fidel (cz) @ Rock Café

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Art Stuff

Alfred ve Dvoře / Františka Křížka 36, P7 (20h unless specified)

24-25.03 Interlacing - Exploiting Composition (big stage)

24-25.03 Star Bats (small stage)

30-31.03 Houby | Mushrooms - HANDA GOTE research & development ( at Studio [email protected] - Hala 30)

12.04 Albert se bojí/Albert's fear (17h)

Meetfactory/ Ke Sklárně 3213/15, P7
st/we - ne/su 15–20h (films at 20h)

until 29.03 Open Gallery: Folke Köbberling (de) & Martin Kaltwasser (de) + Miklós Mécs (at) Exhibition guests: Jan Jaroslav Sterec (cz), Carbusters Magazine, Auto*Mat

07-20.04 Dea Loher: Země beze slov / divadlo | theatre

22-24.04 Festival HANDA GOTE V MeetFactory / divadlo | theatre

Divadlo Ponec / Husitská 24a/899, P3 (performances at 20h unless specified)
10.03 & 26.03 Love Me/Miluj mě - Nigel Charnock (uk) / NANOHACH
14/13.04 Holdin´ Fast - Jozef Fruček (sk), Linda Kapetanea (gr) / DOT 504
23/24.03 "100 kilo" a jeho sloni /"100 kilos" and his elephants - Yonne en scene
27/28.04 100 Wounded Tears - Jozef Fruček (sk), Linda Kapetanea (gr) / DOT 504
29.03 Zlatá brána otevřená/Golden Gate Open - Carli Jefferson

12.04 Hechizada de Luxe - Lea Č
      - Proposition - Lenka Vágnerová/DOT 504
      - Třiačtyřicet slunce západu/Three and Forty Sunsets - VerTeDance
14.04 In-finito - Věra Ondrašíková
      - Small Hour - Václav Kuneš
      - Resonance - Nanohach/Michal Záhora

ČÍTÁRNA UNIJAZZ Jindřišská 5, P1 (19:00)

30.03 John Reynolds: Leadbelly - A Life In Pictures

Kino Světozor / Vodičkova 41, P1
30.03 Microcosmos Sarajevo (20:30)
2.-5.04 Cykly a festivaly / Pražské Brány 2009

NoD / Dlouhá 33, P1

25.03 Impro/gravity2 LÁHOR/Soundsystem + Ľubo Burgr (sk) (19:30)

26-27.03 & 03-04.04 Jiří Adámek: Evropané (20:00)

02.04 Stavby pro kulturu. Čtyři divadla Ivo Klimeše | Buildings for culture. Four theater Ivo Klimes (19:00)

08.04 Theatro Pantomissimo: Smrt Markýze de Sade – On the Dark Road (20:00)

09.04 Czakra (18:00)

17.04 Emotion Collection - Premiéra (20:00)

20.04 Krepsko: Dronte etc. (09:00) (repeats on 22.04 at 20:00)

         Dronte etc. - Příběhy vyhynutí (20:00)

21.04 Peter Fuss – Achtung! (18:00)

23.04 Osobní anamnéza - Premiéra (20:00)

24.04 NANOHACH: Naměkko Naostro (20:00)

26-27.04 ÚDOLÍ (20:00)

28-29.04 Prachař, Fajt, Nebeský: Neúplný sen (20:00)

NOW-FOREVER!!!! exhibition - Damien Mitchell

-Klub 2. Patro, Dlouha 37, P1
-Scandal/ Happy Feet Records/ Opatovická 24, P1

Galerie Hygienická Stanice
Italská 34, P2
st/we-pá/fr 13-20 h


Tribo / Lidická 8, P8


Futura Project / Holečkova 49, P5

Galerie U Zlatého kohouta
Michalská 430/3, P1
Exprese Pro Afriku
Who’s to Blame:


Instigator-in-Chief – Marika Ley

Supervisor Editor – Kate Pinto, Peter Holland

Asst. Editor - Alex Jordan

Copy Editor – Chris McMorrow 

Master Design –

Cover Art / Layout Design – Peter Holland, Adriana Martin de la Prida*, John Watts

   asst. - Giulia Berti*, Alex Henderson

Admin. Consultant – Joseph Rumley

Sales / Marketing Manager - Marika Ley
    asst.- Karim Talaat, Katherine Liew*, Petr Piechula  

I T – Lucie Poudoulec*

Contributors – Kayla Goldfarb, Peter Holland, Alex Jordan, Peter McDermott, Chris McMorrow, Kate Pinto, Kateřina Písačková, Karim Talaat

Illustrators - Peter Holland (Recycling-Fetish center piece)

Photographer- Alex Henderson, Peter Holland, Karlina Vitolina

Translation – Spusa Education Center (, Kateřina Písačková

Events / STDs Nathalie Boehler*, Nathanael Dahan*, Alex Jordan, Kate Pinto


U.S. Rep./Business & Ethics – Pamela Moye

Production Asst.: Karim Talaat



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