Acentos de Praga’s New Website: Closer to You With More News and Events, New Services, More Interaction and Improved Design

The first guide about anything Spanish or Latin American in Prague has launched new site

Acentos de Praga, the first unique guide about anything Spanish or Latin American in Prague has just launched their much-awaited new website. Available in both Spanish and Czech it features a new clean design that is a remarkable improvement on the old one. Reports, interviews, practical information, events calendar and more services that improve the interaction with their audience are all present.

Fernando Davila from Acentos de Praga said: “We started the first version of the website three years ago and now have a new image, new logo and added a few new features such as a better directory. There is more emphasis on events in Prague with a calendar on the home page so people can easily see everything that is happening in the Spanish and Latin American communities.

The new website includes more dynamic forums too, with topics ranging from job searching to accommodation, language exchange and buying/selling, with the beautiful, brand new business directory, which is easy to use and FREE (beta version)! Also in the works is the new eShop, which will be a multi-store shop, similar to Etsy or

Acentos de Praga will also be working alongside as their English counterparts.

We have the idea of operating a couple of events together. This will help reach us get a larger reach and to integrate the English and Spanish expatriates. We cater to all the South and Latin American and Spanish expatriates so I think it is a good partnership.” said Fernando.

The team welcomes any type of feedback, which will help them to further improve their services.


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