Following the OpenCall Africa' tariff, OpenCall targets the Russian-speaking community

Prague, 28th November, 2013: Following on from the recent launch of its OpenCall Africa' tariff, OpenCall, the new low-cost, prepaid GSM operator launched on the Czech market by DH Telecom in September this year, introduces its new 'OpenCall ДОМ' (Home) tariff targeting the Russian-speaking community living in the Czech Republic.

This new tariff will be launched on 1st December, and will enable its customers to call to nearly all Russian speaking countries at OpenCall Plus prices for a monthly fee of just Kc 50. The new tariff operates on a dual system, in which calls are charged at "OpenCall Easy" prices with calls to the Russian- speaking countries discounted to "OpenCall Plus" rates. The lower rates apply for calls to the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russian, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Alongside launching yet another new tariff, the OpenCall E-shop is now offering packages containing a phone and a prepaid SIM card, with prices as low as Kc 499 for a Samsung Keystone 2 and a SIM card (including Kc 200 credit) up to Kc 3 890 for one of the more sophisticated Prestigio MultiPhone smartphones and Kc 4 990 for Prestigio MultiPad 4 Diamond 7.85 3G.

Vincent Charollais, Managing Director of DH Telecom, commented on the newly launched tariff and E-shop offer, saying:

"With the launch of lower rates for calls to Slovakia and the introduction of low cost calls to African countries, we wanted to explore yet another community. The Russian speakers are, of course, one of our natural choices as a significant number of Russian expatriates live and work in the Czech Republic. We think that pairing the new tariff with the possibility to purchase a new Prestigio phone - a familiar Russian brand - through our E-shop, should be an attractive incentive for our potential customers."

OpenCall is the retail brand of DH Telecom and operates on the Vodafone network infrastructure, providing a full portfolio of mobile services.

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