Provokator Print Magazine - April 2006

Reach Out and Touch Faith

Reach Out and Touch Faith
Eighty-five percent of Americans do, enough to propose a prison based on its principles, while only 33% of Czechs do. In China it takes a multi-level process to do it officially, while in the US you can become an official in minutes over the Internet . Most Japanese could care less about it but head southwest and 90% of Indonesians are willing to die for it! Ah, Religion!!

End of the Line - Cerny Most
One stop past The Garden of Eden (Rajská Zahrada) our missionary of the metro is in search of the infamous Black Bridge. What does he find? Well, instead of a plethora panalaks ...

Nine Planets without Intelligent Life - Any Bar in a Storm
Chris and Ben, our illustrated robots on a quest for spark-plug spirituality, find something a bit different from enlightenment at the bottom of a glass (or five).

Override This! Gay Marriages Czechia?
Czech MPs approve first step towards respect: Erin Donaghue and Milan Gagnon report on the first ex-communist country to recognize gay partnerships. And President Klaus is still flaming mad!

The Only Jew in the Quarter
Religion on Tour: One writer's questionable journey through Prague's Jewish Ghetto. One that only Lauren Shumaker, our resident Jew, could write on...

On Robots and Humanists
Courtesy of Blatt, Josh Cohen reviews Karel Čapek's The Absolute at Large, a book "slap-dashed with shtick and never less than smart."

Sheep Gone Astray
Holy Art, Everyone Seeking enlightenment--though admission would do--Bethany Shaffer gets turned away at the gates of heaven and Nirvana.

Po-Critically Correct
Whose Streets? Car Streets! (But not for Long ...) Stephen Logan provides the plan to retake the streets on a 4-20 Critical Masstravaganza that will pedal its way from Jiřiho z Podebrad to the Cross Club.

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