The Regime - Change the Channel EP

US/UK hip-hop act release four new tracks on on PA Trick records

I am pleased to announce that PA Trick records will release the "Change The Channel EP" by The Regime in May 2006

This EP is the long-awaited official debut from the UK/US collaboration, The Regime, following on from their acclaimed "Out Of The Fire Pt 2" release with Indy a Wich late last year.

The record features production from DJ Wich and German producers LeScratchFunk and the record features guests Indy, Mikey T and C Monts.

The record includes the tracks:

• Change The Channel (prod. Wich)

• Who Are Ya?! (prod. Wich)

• Turn It Up! (feat. Mikey T & C Monts) (prod. LeScratchFunk)

• Out of The Fire Pt. 2 (featuring Indy a Wich)

and instrumentals.

The Regime Biography

"What does it feel like to have a "buzz" before even releasing your first single? Not many people know this feeling except The Game, Marpo and now The Regime... This is a traditional line up of 2 emcees and a DJ, with hardcore, aggressive, energetic, dirty - Real Hip Hop music"

(BBarak Magazin)

The Regime is made up of MCs Emdee (UK), NI (South Bronx, NY, USA) and DJ Tuco (U.K.), and was formed after both MCs met while living in Prague, Czech Republic.

They were both using the same DJ (DJ TUCO) for solo shows, and after a few meetings decided to see what would happen if they combined there unique styles. NI, a more socially charged street rapper with a metropolitan outlook on the world from the South Bronx, and Emdee a more classical Hip Hopper, and true underground artisan have combined to bring out the best in each other, a super charge tour de force of hardcore Hip Hop.

They have a sound that mixes all the essential elements of Hip Hop with a futuristic flavor that pushes them to the top of the list of great Hip Hop groups. They have been compared to early Wu-Tang and as energetic and charismatic as M.O.P, all the while never losing themselves in a commercially pressured market. They are also one of the first US/UK groups.

Having recently had success with their single "Out Of The Fire Part 2" alongside Czech stars Indy a Wich, The Regime are now set to release their EP "Change The Channel" which is produced by DJ Wich, the leading producer in the Czech Rep. They are set to make a lot of noise in Hip Hop now with their full-length record in the works, coming in November 2006. The Regime have been dominating the scene with the extremely live shows and cutting edge sound.

They are the newest Hip Hop Regime.

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Indy a Wich & The Regime - Out of the Fire Part 2 (2005) (Nejbr Beats/EMI)

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Forthcoming Releases

The Regime - Change The Channel EP (PA Trick Records) - May 2006

The Regime - Foreign Territory CD Album & Mixtape (PA Trick Records) - November 2006

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