Paranoia the Destroyer

Press release - New Provokator - Be careful what you say or text on the phone in the Czech Republic, someone could be listening to you ...

Be careful what you say or text on the phone in the Czech Republic, someone could be listening to you ... that is unless you have 007. If you are older than 50 and happen to have only one eye, where is it most advantageous to be a peeping tom, Russia or Texas? Why do 45 percent of Taiwanese women refuse to use public toilets? Provokátor answers these questions and more while monitoring the state of VOYEURISM & SURVEILLANCE in the world today.

And the first person to tell us what the cover art is all about will win free tickets to Dark Music Fest!!!!

Ever Feel like Somebody's Watching You?

Bethany Shaffer examines what we are willing to sacrifice for safety. Crash Test Dummy's open-air exhibit in Prague takes on this unavoidable modern problem in a city with a sensitive history of surveillance.

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life - Low Places

Our inquisitive illustrated A.I.s go from being active voyeurs to being actively voyeur-ed in one of Venus's many seedy nonstop strip clubs.

The Flight of O'Hsin Ltd.

Now you see it, now you don't … Becka McFadden gives a firsthand account of a Prague-based Canadian company's disappearance that has left ex- employees with nothing but questions and unpaid salaries.

The City of Sisterly Love

Four Provokátor types walk into a brothel. Wait, that sounds like a joke ... which it sort of was. Catch the punch line in the latest issue.

Hidden Camera

Courtesy of Blatt magazine, Joshua Cohen gives a look at Serbian writer Zoran Zivkovic's novel of surveillance and intrigue in the twists and turns in a life filled with cameras and questions.

Internet Still Wide Open

With all the back-and-forth over the past decade about how to harness the highway (information super-, that is) cyberspace is still as free as it can be and more uncontrollable than many would prefer.

End Of The Line - Skalka

While spying on Skalka, Milan Gagnon discovers seasonal-affective disorder, pooping peons, tickled toddlers and the simple joy of actual sunshine.

* cover art by Jeremiah Palacek


Provokator and the Instigator Media Group have taken the Ž and are holding it for ransom. In it's stead we've put a spiral similar to the one that forms in the foreign eye upon first viewing the Czech language, and the subsequent realization that not only are you not in Kansas anymore and that yellow brick road is actually a lengthy pee stain coming from the corner pub.

Ř - watch out we're coming for you next.

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