Press Release: Think Again reaches 30

Think Again is about to reach the ripe old age of 30…issues

Hard to believe, but Think Again is about to reach the ripe old age of 30…issues. In the two and a half years that have passed Think Again has been involved both in reporting and in shaping the local scene—from artists and scenesters to happenings and disasters to music events and art exhibitions.

There have also been all kinds of interviews, musings on culture, reviews of anything and everything worthwhile, suggestions for your leisure time, and the occasional foray into politics. To remind you (and us) of what we’ve been through and done in that time, let’s take a look at some of the excitement that’s been reflected in these pages.

The Czech Republic seems sometimes to be practically swimming in festivals of all sorts; among the many we’ve looked at were the Entermultimediale, Data transfer, Industrial Festival, Move festival, and the Stimul festival. If you weren’t too busy crashing festivals, you may have had a chance to catch some of the huge commercial music events or the smaller, intimate shows with performers like Green Monster, the Rolling Stones birthday bash, Southpaw, Plexis, Kyoto Jazz Massive, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and Tool.

Music lovers had a fine chance to combine their love of music with an up close look at police tactics and maneuvers at the most recent Czechtek. Think Again has featured interviews with musicians of all sorts, including DJ Joss van Bellen, Miss Kittin, divine Angel Eyedealism, and DJs Loutka and Tráva. If music isn’t your thing, but interviews with interesting characters are, illustrator Kája Saudek and director Petr Zelenka had plenty of interest to talk about in their separate interviews. We’ve featured all kinds of articles suggesting things to do and places to go with memorable articles on breakdance, skydiving, speed dating, art shows, and so on.

For virtual travel, Erowid, MySpace,, Giant Robot, Suicide girls, Rotten and a host of other sites have had their day in the Think Again sun. Riot Girrrls, Le parkour, grime, and Betty Page were all examined as cultural phenomena.

Our feature articles have looked at everything from handguns to Qee toys, to the Cow Parade and Cross Club. Artists like Trevor Brown, Dorothy Iannone, Shepard Fairey, and Simone Legno have made their mark.

Lastly, we’re proud to have featured a number of very interesting Prague personalities; we’ve talked to and presented people from all walks of life—DJ Mucho, Clémence, Fuxoft, Dj Orbith, La Petit Sonja, Tomo, Curtis Jones, Mirror Man, Dj Loutka, Dj Ladida, Martin Černík, Glenn Spicker, Lussy de Borg, Veronika Bromová, Tomio Okamura, Charlie 1., and Eki Ekanem. It’s been a great run, and now that we’re up and running we expect the next run to be even better!

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"They use my name in their press releases but it'd be really nice if they sent me an actual copy of the magazine in which they featured me and used my art for the cover : ("
Trevor Brown
June 24th, 2006

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