Press: Think Again - Overripe

The long, languid days strolling from café to café, nights partying indoors or out, music festivals and blockbuster films, football and parks, holiday trips and picnics; no wonder most of us spend the rest of the year wishing it were summer again.

Well, it is, and we’re going to do everything we can to help you enjoy it. In this, our special July/August issue, we bring you a whole host of summer ideas: music festivals with just about every kind of music short of opera arias; sporting events; restaurant reviews, including a look at longtime favorite Bohemia Bagels; an interview with Terry Poison; and a look at Tiga, who will be performing at the Summer of Love Festival. We’ll take a look at what’s happening with everyone’s (especially the police) favorite music gathering, Czechtek, and see whether they plan on giving it another go or not. It’s going to be exciting, fun, and a whole lot warmer than it’s been. So enjoy it all to its fullest, don’t just sit at home in front of the television wondering where all the excitement is; it’s all around you!

Well, you’re probably ready to jump in and enjoy. Have a great summer and see you in September!

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