Press Release: Think Again - Fatal Flirt

It’s nice to know there’s a Holiday where once a year we can turn away from the real-life monsters who torture and behead hostages, send sexually explicit emails to underage Congressional pages, wage genocidal campaigns against members of their own countries, and manipulate certain air-headed Presidents from behind the scenes and focus on more agreeable monsters like vampires, werewolves, and ogres. Halloween is a special day of the year, especially for children whose imaginations are fired far more than most of us remember by even the simplest of costumes.

Trying to get into the Halloween spirit, we talked with the creator of the gruesomely sexy website Girls and Corpses, visited the Museum of Torture Instruments, talked to people about torturous experiences, and thought up five great reasons to visit Prague Cemetary. Of course, October isn’t only about Halloween, so we also looked into the multicultural alternative project, reviewed a great web-based game that cleverly satirizes McDonalds, found a delicious and innovative new Sushi restaurant and found a fascinating new personality to introduce to you, our reader.

And no, we didn’t forget to include our usual reviews of art, music, film, books, and funky gadgets; our insightful new column on winning poker, and all the other features you’ve come to expect. So start planning a great costume for the end of the month and enjoy our magazine!

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