Monster Ball Money 2006

Find out how much our 2006 Halloween party raised for refugees, and how it was spent

Many thanks to everyone who celebrated Halloween with us at Monster Ball IV, and helped us raise 31,000 CZK for the Poradna pro uprchlíky (Counselling Center for Refugees).

Here's a breakdown of where that money went:

• 10,000 CZK goes to Ethno Catering, a group of refugee women who prepared food for this and other events

• 6,500 CZK goes to Ekvátor, a music group made up of refugees

• 10,000 CZK goes to Bilan, a refugee from Chechnya (see below)

• 4,500 CZK goes to Andrei, a refugee from Tatarstan (see below)



20 Years Old

Bilan will receive two 5,000 CZK payments - one in November and one in December - to support his studies at the Czech Technical University

Bilan has lived in the Czech Republic for three years, with his mother and four older brothers. All of them are asylum applicants. In cooperation with Poradna pro uprchlíky, he was able to study for the entrance exams to the Czech Technical University (ČVUT), which he successfully sat in September.

For Bilan, this is a chance to escape the everyday misery of life in a refugee camp and build a new future.

Under Czech law, refugees can't start working here within one year of making an asylum application. And because of an amendment to the law, passed in September of this year, his family has had to reapply for asylum, making it impossible for them to start working for at least another 12 months.

Bilan's family supports his study but doesn't have the financial resources to pay for his accommodation in Prague or for schoolbooks or any other supplies.

As refugees, his family members receive only 16 CZK per day, and even that is conditional upon them remaining in the refugee camp.

Despite these experiences, and those in his home country, Bilan remains optimistic and is trying to take control of his own destiny.

Thanks to Monster Ball IV, we were able to provide him with 10,000 CZK to support his studies at ČVUT.



19 Years Old

Andrei will receive 4,730 CZK to cover the cost of a First Certificate in English qualification and schoolbooks

Andrei graduated high school in Tatarstan (a republic within the Russian federation), focusing on English-language studies.

He applied for university there, but before he could take up his place, he was called up by the Army, despite suffering from chronic back pain.

Faced with the likely prospect that her son would be sent to fight in Chechnya - and would never come home - Andrei's mother packed up their belongings and traveled with him to the Czech Republic.

Today they are both asylum applicants.

Andrei successfully sat the gymnázium (high school) entrance exams here, and has moved up two grades in his first year. He has learned Czech extremely fast, and, unlike most refugee students, has sits Czech-language exams. He has also been excused from the English-language maturita (school leaving exam), because his language skills are so good.

His school has now offered him the chance of studying for a First Certificate in English (FCE) qualification, at a cost of 4,500 CZK, which would give him a lot more opportunities in the future.

With the money raised at Monster Ball IV, we're able to cover Andrei's costs and also pay for the textbooks he requires for the course.

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