Interview: Boban Marković

Ahead of January 26th's Palác Akropolis show, the Serbian bandleader and trumpet maestro discusses Romany music, touring with his son, and the Brotherhood of Brass project

Scott Van Wagenen: Romany music is gaining a wider audience outside the Balkans. What do you think audiences like about it?

Boban Marković: Romany music is generally danceable, played by people with passion and skill. We want to make people happy. The rhythms might be complicated sometimes, but I see that people are adjusting their steps now. But, when you give your heart and soul through music people have to like it.

SVW: Did you want your son to follow in your footsteps or was it his decision? What's it like to be playing and touring with him?

BM: It wasn't my intention and I wasn't aware how good he was. But he had his own way. Playing with him is great fun and a pleasure. I'm proud of how good he's become and the way he leads the band on stage.

SVW: What are your some of your favorite places to tour?

BM: Definitely Budapest, Prague, Brno, Chicago, New York, Frankfurt and Stockholm.

SVW: Name five albums you've listened to recently.

BM: Joy of Clarinet by Husnu Senlendirici; Rromano suno Vol. 2 (Various Artists); Romano Raj by Saban Bajramovic; Dzumbus by Slonovski Bal; and Tutto a Posto by Roy Paci.

SVW: The Brotherhood of Brass project brings together Roma, Muslims and Jews -- three of the world's great traveling peoples. How did the project begin? How did it influence you as a musician?

BM: Originally Frank London came to me with the idea. We've known each other for a long time and like each other's music. Then we had one day in the studio together and it worked so well that we started to tour together. It was such fun. We all learned from this project, which will be continued for sure.

SVW: What are your plans for 2007?

BM: The tour will be extensive. After the Czech Republic, there'll be concerts in Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Belgium and Germany. Also, I'll be promoting the movie Guča at film festivals in Berlin and Sofia.

The recording of a new album, directed by Marko, is planned for late spring, and the release for fall 2007.

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