Interview: Max Graham

The Montreal-based house DJ discusses winter in South America, world events, and what's in store at Roxy's Zen night on February 17th

Michal Walterstein: How has your winter been so far? Where have you been?

Max Graham: It started with a trip to Colombia, then Chile and Mexico, so I've been lucky to go to some warm places so far, although even in the middle of winter I still love coming home to Montreal.

MW: Which of your recent parties did you enjoy the most?

MG: Tough one. So many different ones for different reasons. Probably my New Year's Eve party in Montreal, 8,000 people in a great venue. Best parties in the world.

MW: You've been on the music scene for a very long time. Can you name a few events that helped shape the world dance scene? Tracks or interesting newcomers, for instance, that shook things up?

MG: People like [Paul] Oakenfold and the originators of the superstar DJ thing have definitely opened it up to the masses. Pete Tong deserves a lot of credit for pushing house on such a big forum as [BBC] Radio 1.

MW: Which recent world events have disappointed you the most?

MG: The last six years of the Bush administration are enough to make people crazy.

MW: What can we expect at Saturday's Zen night?

MG: House music from different genres. I'm using Ableton [music sequencing software] now so it's a combination of different sounds. It will be fun :-)

MW: What are you looking forward to in Prague?

MG: I love old world cities, old buildings and good food. The women there are stunning also :)

MW: And now a few common questions... Your current top five?

MG: No idea! Ha ha... Anything by Patch Park.

MW: Your favorite food?

MG: There's so many different kinds of food. I can't pick a favorite. It depends on the mood.

MW: Your favorite downtempo LP ?

MG: It's a toss-up between the Solaris movie soundtrack and BT's latest album.

MW: Your favorite pop star? :-)

MG: Hmm... Wow... Ask me again later... :-)

MW: Favorite drink?

MG: Again, it depends on the mood -- white wine, gin and tonic, or Corona!

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