Residents want fewer events at Náplavka

The city is planning to rebuild the waterfront but may limit activities

Prague 2 residents living near Náplavka are unhappy with the large amount of noisy events on the waterfront during the summer.

City Hall says that next year Náplavka will be quieter and have better security against terrorist attacks.

The city has been trying to revitalize the banks of the Vltava for a long time. In the 1990s the area was largely abandoned and left to decay. Since then art galleries, bars and cafes have opened in spaces along the retaining wall and on docked boats, especially near Rašínovo nábřeží.

The area has become home to farmers markets and various food and cultural festivals. The New York Times in May listed Náplavka as one of the most attractive waterfronts in Europe.

Jiří Š. Cieslar, a representative of a local group in Prague 2, told daily Mladá fronta Dnes that the recovery started out well, but has grown too much. “From the railway bridge to Palackého most there is a wall of boats blocking the view of the Vltava river. And concerts happen several times a week,” he told the daily.

On Facebook, he added that the problems have existed for three years, and that rules already adopted to deal with the noise and related problems have been ignored.

Members of the Prague 2 local group plan a meeting at the railway bridge on Sept. 25 to protest the situation. They don't want an end to activity, but some regulation. He has also asked the Prague Council to look into the matter.

Prague 2 Deputy Mayor Alexandra Udženija (ODS) says that the number of large events on the waterfront should be limited and set on a schedule so inhabitant can know what to expect.

But Prague 2 has no power to take action. The waterfront is managed by a firm run by City Hall called Trade Center Praha.

The situation may soon change. Prague is planning to renovate Náplavka, which will temporarily shut down most of the businesses operating there.

“For the next season, rules will arise as to how to operate Náplavka. We are preparing a method for selecting events that will take place along the river,” Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) told MfD.

The new rules should be discussed with Trade Center Praha as well as residents of the embankment, business operators and the service providers.

The City Council could create a coordinator for events on the waterfront. The mayor also wants to check the current contracts with the business operators, and if they have been in breach of the terms of the contract for a long time the contracts may be canceled.

Mayor Krnáčová also called for security cameras and retractable automobile barriers to protect the area in case of a terrorist attack.

The city has already completed an architectural study that includes new waste baskets and benches, and possibly changes to the pavement. The cubicles in the retaining wall would also be adapted.

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