Prague ranked eighth for nightlife

Europe dominated the list of places to spend a fun evening

Prague came in eighth place in a survey of what city offers the best night out in the world. Hamburg came in first place. European cities dominated the list, taking eight out of the 10 spots, with American cities taking the other two.

Copenhagen was second and Berlin was third in the ranking compiled by

The Best Night Out in the World rankings were based on 4,100 interviews with urban residents, living in 41 cities across 27 countries. Residents were asked about activities, attitudes, and experiences relating to nights out in their city, and typical local prices for a range of food, drinks, and leisure activities.

“Our study took the local resident’s expertise to measure the quality of things to do, friendliness of locals, safety, ease of getting around, and cost,” Hostelworld said on its website. Data was collected in telephone interviews during October 2017, and analyzed by Nelson Research.

Prague was eighth on the list and seventh in Europe, but the top city for a night out under £30. The Czech capital beat Warsaw and New York. Other cities like London, Paris, and Barcelona did not make the top 10 list at all.

“[Prague is] the ultimate spot if you want to save those pennies and still have an awesome night on the tiles, and it’s SUPER easy to get around – all the best areas are relatively near each other as the center is small.” the list said. It singled out Cafe-Pub Atmosphere, Karlovy Lázně, Juve and Dejavu as places to go.

Mosaic House Hostel (La Loca Music Club) is an absolute must if you want to have the best night out in Prague – it’s a music, design AND eco hostel all in one. It’s also got a music bar and lounge open until 3 am – what could be better?!” the list makers added, so taken with the venue that they were inspired to ignore the rules of punctuation and capitalization.

The only other city in the CEE region was Warsaw in ninth place, which was also praised for cheapness. “What makes Warsaw come in at number 9, you ask? Poland’s capital has a LOT going for it – locals said it was friendly, convenient to get around and that magic word, AFFORDABLE,” the list said. Warsaw came 2nd as the best night out for under £30. the city was praised for its street art.

First-place Hamburg was noted for having particularly late nightlife, friendly locals and good public transportation. “Hamburg has LOADS to offer!” the list makers said, giving a list of clubs and bars. “The Germans aren’t early birds, so don’t go out until at least midnight – Cinderellas miss all the fun!” added.

Hamburg was described as “super safe” with locals who are welcoming to tourists. “You don’t need to worry about getting around at night – ask your new friends!” the list said. The city is also small, which makes it easy to get around.

Copenhagen lost points for being pricey. “Copenhagen came in a close second and matched Hamburg in the overall ‘quality of nightlife.’ It’s super safe, but as expected the price lets it down – why oh why do you have to be so expensive Scandinavia?!” the list stated.

Berlin was praised for being cheaper. “Hopefully it comes as no surprise that Berlin is one of the best nightlife cities in the world – it definitely deserves its spot in the top three. It’s one of the cheapest nights out on the list – meaning more money for brunch the next day (that’s our logic anyway!),” the list states. Some clubs are hard to get into, but they have some of the best dance music in Europe.

Price was a factor again for fourth-place Dublin. “The friendly city of Dublin has some of the best nightlife around which scores it fourth place, but its price can let it down for us thrifty travelers,” the list said, adding that there were some affordable places. “A trip to Dublin is not complete without a visit to a classic Irish pub,” states.

Rounding out the top five was Amsterdam. “The list of the top 10 best nights out in the world was always going to include Dam – its nightlife is legendary. Amsterdam scored highly for its openness and safety, meaning you can have the best worry-free night out possible,” the list said.

Lists like this, despite the methodology, always tend to be a bit subjective. A list of the top 16 most exciting party cities published in March 2017 by UK’s Daily Telegraph had Buenos Aires in the first place, and included Berlin, New York, Copenhagen and Amsterdam but left off Prague.

Top 10 cities with the best nightlife
1. Hamburg, Germany
2. Copenhagen, Denmark
3. Berlin, Germany
4. Dublin, Ireland
5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
6. San Francisco, USA
7. Göteborg, Sweden
8. Prague, Czech Republic
9. Warsaw, Poland
10. New York, USA


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