Tony Levin and Stick Men coming to Lucerna

The progressive rock trio features two members of King Crimson

Progressive art rock band Tony Levin and Stick Men will be at Lucerna Music Bar on March 13. The group was last in Prague three years ago.

Aside from bassist and guitarist Levin, the trio includes drummer Pat Mastelotto and guitarist Markus Reuter.

The band’s name Stickmen comes from the instrument that Levin plays, a Chapman Stick. This is a sort of electric guitar that has up to 12 individual strings and works as a bass and guitar simultaneously. Reuter plays a touch guitar that he designed himself.

Mastelotto uses not only an acoustic drum kit but an electronic setup that allows him to add loops, samples and percussion.

This collection of instruments gives the trio a unique sound.

All of the members of the trio have extensive experience with other bands. Levin and Mastelotto are currently members of the classic progressive rock band King Crimson, which will be coming to Prague at the end of June for two shows.

Levin’s other credits include work with Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, David Bowie and Alice Cooper, among many others.

Mastelotto began his career with Mr. Mister and has also worked with HoBoLeMa. Reuter has played with the Crimson ProjeKct and Europa String Choir as well as with ambient musician Robert Rich.

Stick Men formed in 2007, but the current lineup is from 2010. They have six studio albums and four live albums, plus digital-only albums.

In 2017 the trio released the digital compilation Konnekted. The current tour though is in support of their most recent album of new material, 2016’s Prog Noir.

Aside from music, Tony Levin was one of the pioneers of the blog, having kept his thoughts online since 1996, the early days of the internet. The word “blog” wasn’t even coined until 1999.

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