Powerflo coming to Futurum

The group features Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog

The new rap metal band Powerflo band will play Prague’s Futurum Music Club on June 18. The group formed in 2017 and is fronted by Cypress Hill member Sen Dog, the stage name of Cuban-American rapper Senen Reyes.

Also in Powerflo are lead guitarist and backing vocalist Rogelio "Roy" Lozano, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Billy Graziadei, bassist and backing vocalist Christian Olde Wolbers and drummer Fernando Schaefer.

So far they have released one eponymous album and the single “Resistance.”

The group describes its music as a cross between Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Cypress Hill.

“We're here to make honest music. It’s not about pleasing anybody or confirming anything. We’re creating from a pure place. We worked our asses off. It's not a one-time thing. It's just the first Powerflo album. There's much more to come,” Sen Dog said when the album was released.

Christian Olde Wolbers explained the name to The New American Media.

“Basically, Sen Dog was spitting his game on some of the heavy riffs and shit. And he was, like, ‘Do you like this?’ And Roy, the other guitar player, said, ‘Yeah. A power flow. That's good.’ So that's where it kind of came from,” he said.

The band members began to work together in the 1990s. Sen Dog and Biohazard performed on Biohazard's State Of The World Address album. Guitarist Graziadei is in Biohazard. Wolbers and Lozano appeared on the Cypress Hill albums Skull & Bones and Stoned Raiders. In 2015, Roy Lozano played some demos to Sen Dog, setting the foundations for Powerflo.

The Powerflo Concert will take place within the Rock for People Concerts series.

For More information visit www.facebook.com/events.

Ticket Pre-Sale: GoOut.cz.

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