Stalin reopens for summer

The venue will launch its summer season with a five-day program

One of Prague’s most-loved summer venues right under the Letná park metronome will be launching a whole season of outdoor music events, starting with a party April 26.

The opening festivities will last for five days, with each evening seeing different local DJs taking their turn at swaying the crowds.

The first ones to play today at the Mega Season Opening, starting at 7 p.m., will be Angry Tableflip and Kierastoboy, accompanied by a food stand set up by Prague Jerk Station. Friday’s Night Shift event will feature Fleika and Trevor Linde, while Saturday’s Sunset Trip will be taken over by St. Jakob and Motch. On Sunday, PSJ and Moreti will create the ambiance of the Siesta party, and finally DJ Saint Francis will wrap up the five-day marathon on Monday, with an event called Garage Fire.

The venue’s summer season will last until September, and the program for the whole month of May has already been published on their Facebook page. As every year, residents and tourists alike can expect to hear electronic music, watch movies and documentaries in the summer cinema, or attend sports events and workshops. The program will run weekly from Wednesday to Monday, and most of the daytime events will be suitable also for children. The entry is free of charge.

The culture center, launched by the same group of people as its sister concept Containall, will be open for the third consecutive year.

Except for serving as a paradise for skaters, the spot in Letná park was not in use for years, and the City of Prague has been considering options for its redevelopment, including installing a large aquarium or making a museum.
Previously, it was the base of the world's largest statue of Joseph Stalin commonly called the “queue for bread” as it showed a line of people behind the dictator. The statue was unveiled in 1955 but destroyed in 1962 after Stalin fell from grace.
In 1991, a large Metronome took the statue’s place on top of the base and still sways back and forth.
People appreciate that the space is once again being used. “I really like that this great meeting point is now ‘inhabited’ and you can grab a beer, listen to music or watch a movie together with enjoying the view,” one fan said on Facebook. “Stalin would hate this.”

The concept continues a tradition of celebrating life and freedom. After the statue of Stalin was torn down, the place was home to a rock club, and later Radio 1, the first private local radio station, was broadcasting from there. Stalin certainly taps into those rebellious sentiments.

Another Facebook reviewer agrees: “Other cities would have long forbidden such an outside gem. It symbolizes the heart and spirit of Prague and the liberalism of the Czech Republic.”

For the moment the organizers seem to keep up with the city’s demand for a cool hangout spot, and the summer program promises a whole season of entertainment. If they don’t disappoint and Stalin remains as popular as it was in the previous seasons, it may secure its place as the summer venue for years to come.

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