Prague Rooftop Festival coming back in June

The June event will launch a series of rooftop parties in the festival’s third edition

In the last two summer seasons, Prague’s residents enthusiastically welcomed an event that finally gave them the chance to relax to their favorite tunes against the backdrop of the setting sun, all from the city’s most enchanting rooftops. Now, Prague Rooftop Festival is coming back, launching its third edition with the first of three parties on June 9.

Only two weeks away, the launching event will take place in the well-known exclusive venue of Fashion Club on top of the Kotva building, the only rooftop that had so far hosted the festival in all of its editions. Following that, two more parties are in store, one happening on July 21, and the other in September (the specific date is yet to be announced). Each of the events will open its doors at 3 pm and carry on until 10.30 pm, due to the city’s official curfew.

The venues for the following two events are still unknown, but the organizers promise an exciting surprise. “I can’t yet reveal where the July event will take place”, says Sandro Martins Valigy, one of the people behind Rooftop. “But it’s a venue we have not used before, and it is now in reconstruction, so it’s going to look brand new.”

While catching the sunrays, visitors can expect to enjoy some deep house and chill house music, played the whole day by two DJs, who are yet to be announced. They will also not go hungry nor thirsty – all the venues have prepared a special offer of summer cocktails and snacks.

Rooftop’s ambition to become a regular and unique summer experience for Prague’s residents certainly seems to be coming true, with the last edition welcoming nearly 500 party goers and this year’s event expecting an even more promising turnout.

The festival is certainly one of a kind, as it is the first such party opening Prague’s various rooftops to a wider public, many of them never used in this manner before.
“The city has Náplavka and beer gardens, but we wanted to bring something new to people, something different. So many other cities use their rooftops for all sorts of interesting purposes, except for Prague. It’s difficult to find a good venue here, sometimes it’s because of private ownership, other times due to insufficient safety regulations,” says Valigy. “So we decided to use the rooftops as a spring and summer alternative to the regular hangout spots,” he continues.

Valigy also promises several surprises that visitors can look forward to: “We always try to prepare something that is not announced and that people find only once they come, so there is always something they can look for that was not in the program.”

When asked which event so far has been his favorite, and which one visitors can most look forward to, he answers: “I can’t tell you which one is my favorite, because each of them offers something different that is special. So all of them are going to be great.”

The tickets for the June and July events are already available on for 150 CZK each and will be available for a slightly higher price at the door.


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