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Lunchmeat Festival, October 4-6 @ Veletrzni palac

Lunchmeat is an annual festival in Prague dedicated to cutting-edge electronic music with top-notch international and domestic acts and most are performing with accompanying new media artists. Held this year in the basement of Veletrzni palace, the Lunchmeat Festival 2018 aims to be bigger and better than ever, utilizing two stages for over 40 producers/djs/musicians and an almost equal number of new media visual artists using high-tech video/film projections for almost each musical performance; and there seems to be significantly more leading women producers and performers for a change of tune.

Since the festival is in the functionalist building, Veletrzni Palace, also home to the National Gallery’s 19th and 20th century art collection, there are three guest visual-sound artist showcases: GRAYCODE & Jiiiiiin from South Korea, Robert Seidel from Germany, and the UK’s Gilbert Sinnot (aka Autr).

Highlights—Night One

Aisha Devi
Electronica exotica from Switzerland. Devi is of Nepalese-Tibetan heritage, but raised and based in Switzerland—she is a shaman with a spiraling whirl of manipulated sound and voice. Devi performs as if in a trance or transformative cosmic-mystical ritual. Bjork and Siouxie Sioux seem to be her last century sisters. She’ll perform with a 360 degree video projection on multiple walls for full immersion.

Kangding Ray & Sigha
Kangding Ray is a musician and etheral film score composer from France & Sigha, an experimental techno producer from the UK will perform as a collaborative duo under the moniker Neon Chambers.

Actress is a hard-driving, cerebral abstract techno producer from the UK. Concrete R&B is another term used for this Ninja Tune artist; he’s a most prominent and singular voice on the electronic scene.

Highlights—Night Two

A leading Toronto-based noise and industrial techno producer, E-Saggila’s dark, atmospheric techno pulses with a relentless throb. She creates a mysterious, meandering soundscape for nightcrawlers only.

Lee Gamble
Lee Gamble from the UK is a high priest electronic dance music producer who will bring a site specific live rendition of “Mnestic Pressure,” his first album on the Hyperdub label, recognized for its elegiac melodic movements with hard-driving and swerving beats.

GRAYCODE & Jiiiiiin
GRAYCODE (Taebok Cho) & Jiiiiiin (Jinhee Jung) are South Korean sound-and visual artists who will perform #include, which promises to be an enlightening cosmic exploration in sound and projection.

L-Vis 1990
L-Vis 1990 is a young producer, DJ and promoter for Night Slugs in the UK with co-founder Bok Bok, and Girl Unit, they’ve billed the Night Slugs 10th anniversary showcase, i.e. it will be pure party time.

Highlights—Night Three

Fatima Al Qadira
Fatima Al Qadira was raised in Kuwait and is now based in Berlin. With tracks like “Vatican Vibes” and “Desert Strike,” she combines her Middle Eastern influences with jarring juxtapositions from monastic choirs to firebombing campaigns while also imbedded in computer game playfulness.

Jasss (S. Jimenez Alvarez) from the northern coast of Spain is a sound artist and producer. Her album “Weightless” is a tour-de-force for sound art-electronica, refreshingly deep and sonic-wave vibrations.

Claro Intelecto
Claro Intelecto from the UK makes warm, soulful, melodic and contagious techno, and deep house tracks, best known for “Peace of Mind” from his first release in 2003; He is a classic electro maestro.

Yves Tumor
Warp Records artist Yves Tumor (Sean Bowie) from the USA could be the most eclectic performer of the festival with an experimental electro funk-soul-rhythm & blues mélange in the vein of Flying Lotus, or imagine Sly Stone meets Jean-Michel Basquiat in a wild electronic dance odd-future.

For more information see lunchmeat.cz.

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