Diva Baara & Mateřská.com

Diva Baara, and the duo Mateřská.com releasing their newest CD on Nov. 9th

Pulling a roller suitcase and wearing a furry jean jacket and a sailor’s hat, Bára Vaculiková shuttles into the funky yet cozy café and bar in Prague a few minutes later than scheduled for our interview. The first impression is that she perfectly personifies a singer-songwriter.

The late 30ish Czech pop singer is currently involved in three bands that share the common themes of women’s empowerment, youth, and individuality. Her three projects are the Yellow Sisters, her later solo project Diva Baara, and the duo Mateřská.com, which is releasing their newest CD on Nov. 9th.

Bára constantly corrects herself when referring to herself and her female bandmates/friends as “girls” instead of “women,” which accurately describes her as a performer too. After all, this mom is still just a child in an adult’s body, which is most of her charm.

The Yellow Sisters is Bára’s oldest group with three other women singing acapella since 2005. They got their name from the Mayan Calendar since their birthdays are all within the yellow oracle on the calendar, and they are “sisters” since they have been friends and performers for so long. Their colorful and eccentric music crosses the genres of soul, funk, R&B, jazz and reggae, and in 2015 they added beatboxer Jan Melichar as a regular guest to their unique female quartet.

Diva Baara is Bára’s newer independent retro-jazz-pop project in which she explores the space and personal creativity as a solo artist. Her music as Diva brings you back to the future with a ‘roaring 20’s’ sound combined with a french flare. She uses the name “Diva” because it has two connotations in Czech and in English.

“Diva” in Czech, she explains, “It’s like being cheeky and playful and still being a girl who is wild, but then also being a diva at the same time, like a mature woman.” Meanwhile, in English, she says, “Diva is an adult woman who likes to enjoy her, let’s say power or empowerment.”

Automatka” is the name of the newest album by Bára’s duo project, Mateřská.com, with her best friend Lena Yellow (from the Yellow Sisters). They created this project to talk about their roles while poking fun of this lifestyle as mothers during their “mateřská” (which means maternity leave).

“Mateřská.com was based on making fun of ourselves,” says Bára. “It’s very positive, but it’s also against men a bit, how they don’t really help us at home, and how terrible we feel about this.”

Mateřská.com has a more urban hip-hop influence than the other projects, and their music video for the upbeat single “Automatka” is expressive, lively and imaginative, much like a child’s mind. There are rainbow ribbons, tutus and dancing in the street, but it also balances the adult reality of putting your kids first, the lack of intimacy in relationships and needing a glass of red wine after a long day.

“Two girls, I mean women, rapping how they feel in this state of mind,” says Bára. “You get this image of the happy mothers and how wonderful it is to have a child, and we respect that. We know that and we enjoy that, but we also see the negative sides and we’re also making fun of that,” she says.

“Our first CD was more about breastfeeding mothers, and their ambitions, their cares, and their wanting to succeed and be good mothers at the same time. While our second CD is more like ‘okay we have kids and then they head out,’” says Bára.

This shift also reflects her changing role as a struggling mother and an active singer/songwriter. She has realized that even if you are a mother, you are still allowed to be a child and make mistakes, and you do not need to have all of the answers.

Though Bára is constantly juggling the child within her and her role as a mother, she also uses her music and different projects to instill what she feels is the most important message from a mother to her daughter, Coco, who was born in 2011.

“Whatever it is my daughter chooses to do, I just want her to know that she can do whatever. The goal is to be happy and to do what you are special in, and enjoy it,” says Bára Vaculiková.

Mateřská.com will be launching their second and newest CD “Automatka” on November 9th at Café V lese in Prague 2.

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