Smashing Pumpkins coming to Forum Karlín

Three of the four founding members are back together with a new album

American alternative rock band Smashing Pumpkins will be at Prague’s Forum Karlín on June 6, 2019, as part of Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour. Tickets go on sale to Live Nation club members Nov. 28 at 10 am and to the general public, Nov. 30 at 10 am.

This is their first concert tour since 2000 with original members Billy Corgan on vocals and guitar, Jimmy Chamberlin on drums, and James Iha on guitar, bass and backing vocals. Longtime collaborator Jeff Schroeder will be on guitar and keyboards, giving some songs a three-guitar sound. He has been with the band since 2007. Original bassist D'arcy Wretzky is not participating in the tour.

The band was last in Prague in 2011, but with only Corgan from the classic founding lineup.

“This show and staging will be unlike any we’ve ever done, and will feature a set unlike any we’ve ever played. For if this is a chance at a new beginning, we plan on ushering it in with a real bang,” Corgan said when the first dates were announced.

Corgan is known for his sometimes off-the-wall comments, and recently in an interview, he said he thinks the color of a guitar affects the sound. “People think I’m a bit goofy, but I do think paint color actually changes the sound of a guitar. I’ve found through the years that certain paints sound different, so the white Reverend, I think, sounds better. I have a couple of other ones, but this one seems to sound the best,” he said.

In a more serious recent interview he said that it was easier for bands to reach wide audiences in the 1980s and ’90s, and now people loved in “digital ghettos” where different kinds of music and culture were isolated. Artists now have to try to connect with listeners. “Music is a transformative thing for most people. If you can reach them and make a fan, it is such a powerful thing,” he told

He commented on his musical roots coming from heavy metal as way to deal with suburban teen angst. Smashing Pumpkins, though, sought to try to reinvent the concept by exploding it from the inside, much like Quentin Tarantino when he explores a film genre. He finds a lot of intellectual snobbery against heavy metal, which he says is a big influence on alternative rock. That has been changing, though.

Some past tours were met with criticism for avoiding the hit songs. On the current tour, the band is having fun celebrating their history by showcasing the best part of their work, he added.

He also said that having children was now a big factor in his decision making, and he had to take things more seriously for himself and the other band members.

Smashing Pumpkins was formed in 1988 and has been marking its 30th anniversary, although the band was inactive from 2000 to ’06. The Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour includes material from across their career, from their debut Gish and subsequent albums Siamese Dream, Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness, Adore, Machina, and of course their new release Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun.

The new album is the first in 18 years to have three members from the original lineup. It was produced by Jerry Rubin.

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