Police busy on New Year's Eve

The end of 2018 was the most demanding on emergency services in memory

Police and emergency services were particularly busy in Prague during the New year’s Eve shift.

Operators received twice as many emergency calls during New Year's Eve celebrations as is normal. Hundreds of police officers and other emergency workers oversaw the safety of the New Year's Eve celebrations in the Czech capital.

For the most part, incidents involved dangerous use of fireworks, various skirmishes and assaults, damage to property and, last but not least, drunken driving. The police also dealt with several cases of possession of drugs and psychotropic substances.

In connection with fireworks, the police recorded six cases of people using professional-grade F4 class fireworks and one injury, when a 22-year-old man in Palackého náměstí in Prague 2 injured his hand with a firework that prematurely exploded.

Police and firefighters also dealt with a fire in ground floor flats in Prague 5, where windows were damaged from the fireworks launched from a balcony.
A total of 12 criminal offenders were held by police.

On Wenceslas Square a 21-year-old that police described as a foreigner allegedly aggressively attacked passers-by. He then attacked a police patrol, which had to use the coercive means to calm him down. During treatment at a nearby rescue station, he kicked a paramedic in the stomach.

The end of the year also saw a serious traffic accident on Bělehradská Street in Prague 2.
Two pedestrians were injured at a crossing. The initial investigation shows that the BMW passenger car believed to be involved did not stop and continued up to Korunní Street, where it allided with parked cars. Immediately after the crash, the police detained a 51-year-old woman described as a foreigner. She took a breath test that was positive for alcohol.

The injured pedestrians ended up in the hospital and the driver at the police station. Press reports state one of the victims was put into a medically induced sleep due to extensive injuries.

The driver is suspected of being under the influence of an addictive substance, failing to offer assistance and causing serious bodily injury due to negligence.

On V Olšinách Street Prague 10 a 35-year-old pedestrian was injured by a tram and hospitalized.

On Vodičkova Street in Prague 1 a 51-yea-old man was injured by a tram, but this seems to have been deliberate, according to police. The person has a record of suicidal behavior, which was aggravated by excessive alcohol use. He ended up in the care of doctors.

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