Razorlight to play Lucerna

The British indie rock band has their first new album in a decade

British band Razorlight will be at Lucerna Music Bar on Feb. 7. Along with lead singer and guitarist Johnny Borrell, the current lineup includes drummer David Sullivan Kaplan, guitarist Dave Ellis and bassist Harry Deacon.

The indie rock band formed in 2002 and became popular in the wake of the post-Brit pop scene. Razorlight’s 2004 debut album Up All Night reached number three on the UK charts and captured the energy of the East London scene. Hits from the album included “Golden Touch” and “Somewhere Else.”

Their self-titled sophomore album, Razorlight, was more successful and brought them to international attention. “In The Morning” reached number three in the UK, and “America” hit number one. This led to international festival dates and concerts. The third album, Slipway Fires, released in 2008, also saw top-10 singles in the UK and Europe. This era also saw the start of lineup changes that have left Johnny Borrell as the only original member.

But the band slowed down significantly and released now more new material for a decade.

Razorlight came back with a new album in the middle of 2018, Olympus Sleeping. “I made this record in a spirit of nothing but enjoyment. This album is my very pure love letter to a certain type of music – the music that first inspired so many people to form and follow bands,” Borrell said.

The first voice you hear on the album isn’t Borrell’s. At the start “Got to Let The Good Times Back Into Your Life,” listeners hear Adam Green of the Moldy Peaches say: “Genie, it’s Aladin – print me a Razorlight album that doesn’t totally suck.”

The album shows signs of new maturity while sticking to their original pop roots. Borrell said the new album has the electric energy of the first album, the pop-rock craftsmanship of the second and the lyrical ambition of the third.

For Olympus Sleeping, Borrell worked closely with guitarist David Ellis and the band were joined on drums by Martin Chambers of The Pretenders. “I ran into Martin and just thought, gosh we've been ripping off his playing for so many years, why not just actually ask the man himself!” Borrell said.

Despite being on hiatus for several years. The band has remained popular. Their previous release came before music streaming had even been invented, yet they still get over a million monthly listeners on Spotify.

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