Red Dwarf's Holly to appear live in Prague

Red Dwarf's Holly to appear live in Prague

British actor Norman Lovett, who played Holly on the comic sci-fi series Red Dwarf has two days of events in Prague where he will meet with his fans.

Lovett will attend the Future Gate sci-fi film festival at kino Lucerna on March 2, for a marathon screening of the first season of Red Dwarf, dubbed in Czech and with English subtitles, starting at 2 pm. He will lead a discussion after the marathon, and then sign autographs in the cinema's cafe. After that, at 8:30 pm, he will introduce the 2005 horror comedy Evil Aliens, in which he appears in a supporting role. Future Gate runs Feb. 27 to March 3, with events at Lucerna.

On March 3 at 8:30 pm, Lovett will perform his stand up show in the Czech Republic for the first time at kino Světozor. The performance, in English, will be followed by a meet and great with fans.

He considers himself to be a stand-up comedian that can act a bit, and his dry stand-up humor has a quiet, almost dead-pan feel to it, which occasionally spills into surrealism.
“I'm not different on stage; I'm just trying to make everything from my mouth a bit funny. But the truth is, I'm sometimes a little serious,” he said recently.

“I can promise one thing, I will never disappoint fans of the Red Dwarf,” he added.

Lovett was well into his 30s when he became a stand-up comedian. Before making it on TV, he played the original Comedy Store many times and even supported the Clash, which he considers a career highlight.

He played Holly on Red Dwarf in the first two seasons, starting in 1988. After that he dropped out due to his living in Edinburgh and the series filming in London. He returned in the seventh season as a guest star and the eighth as a regular. He made a guest appearance in the 12th season.

He also appeared in the surreal BBC2 sitcom I, Lovett, in which he played a character called Norman. Later, he played Dr. Lovett in the short-lived sitcom Asylum.

Other acting appearances include the Ghost of Christmas Past in a TV adaptation of A Christmas Carol, Mr Follett in The History of Tom Jones, the film The Criminal, the BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances, and an appearance in The Young Ones, among other appearances.

His stand up show is brought to Prague by Velvet Comedy, which will also be bringing US comic Todd Barry to Světozor on May 6. Barry is known for guest appearances on shows like Dr. Katz Professional Therapist, Home Movies, Wonder Showzen, Tom Goes to the Mayor, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He voices a recurring character on Squidbillies.

Dramatic work includes a role in Darren Aronofsky's 2008 film The Wrestler.

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