Comedy double-header at A Maze in Tchaiovna

Two American female comics hope to make a comedy travel series

Two comedians from the US, Natasha Pearl Hansen and Rachael O’Brien, will be coming to A Maze in Tchaiovna on April 28.

Rachael O’Brien has performed in seven countries and appears in the Bravo show Vanderpump Rules. She also has a popular podcast called Be Here for Awhile.

Natasha Pearl Hansen got her start in Second City Chicago, and now has her own production company, Wonderland Motion Pictures, which has made several pilots. Her podcast is called Future Role Model.

Playing together in Europe will be a new experience. “Rachael has done sets with the Armed Forces overseas. I have played in other countries, just not in Europe yet! I've done a few tours in Canada and Central America, and I headline my own tour in the Caribbean every year. This will be the first time the two of us have headlined in Europe,” Natasha said.

She added that she has an intense love of travel, adventure and connection. “I enjoy the process of learning why people laugh based on their upbringing, culture, surroundings, observations and experiences. I also genuinely love meeting new people, experiencing new places and situations, and laughing with people over a good meal and a few beers,” she said.

“I want to be the type of comedian that’s capable of connecting with audiences worldwide mostly because I really care about relating to others in an honest, raw way.

And I also love nothing more than a good story,” she added.

Rachael and Natasha also want to expand their audiences. “We would love the opportunity to keep producing our own comedy tours worldwide, getting to know our audiences more personally, and creating a different type of experience for both the audience and for us as performers. Rachael and I also have large overseas social followings, and we want to pay attention to that and keep curating that growth by letting people see us and meet us in person!” Natasha said.

She thinks performing in other countries is important to keep herself in check as an artist. “We hope to be challenged by varying senses of humor throughout Europe and learn a lot because of that. We are excited to have to navigate our shows and curate them as we go from stage,” she said.

Natasha has never played in Prague before, but she has been here. “The last time I was in Europe was actually 11 years ago, and it was a trip to Prague! I had one of the craziest trips of my life. I talked about it on the upcoming episode of Rachael's podcast, and I'll definitely talk about it on stage while performing there,” she said.

Natasha says her humor is extremely personal. “I pull everything from my own life — family, inner thoughts, relationships, travel, marriage, children. I love knowing that no matter where someone grew up, we all can relate over things like these,” she said.

“Both Rachael and myself are storytellers, and everything we talk about is true and real, and drawn from our own lives. Neither of us has gender-specific humor, so don't worry men, rest assured you won't hear much about our private parts.” she said.

Both comics take a hands-on approach with their careers. “We write, perform stand up, act, produce, and host podcasts. We both have the goal of working in TV. I recently shot one pilot that is being pitched to networks in Los Angeles, and I have three other series being pitched as well as a number of digital series coming out. Rachael is pitching a number of series as well. We actually are filming and documenting this entire tour with the intention of turning it into a comedy travel series!” Natasha said.

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